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  1. Also, I wrote a review on Thomann web and they haven't posted it. They have some kind of censorship going on that is based on an idea that people who write negative reviews do it on purpose, as they must be saboteurs from other guitar shops. Which i am absolutely not. I just have 30 years of guitar playing experience and can recognize a badly crafted guitar.
  2. They do just swaps. I would love to have the the first guitar repaired and set up, they sent an even worse replacement instead.
  3. Thank you but i am afraid that may come with taxis now after Brexit. Also the waiting time is 3 Months. I got this message from my friend from the US: "Gibson went into bankruptcy in 2018. They came out owned by their biggest lender KKR. KKR is a pure capitalist vulture company. They are interested in extracting their cash, not in Gibson heritage or future. They will milk the brand. It's what private equity firms do - extract cash. So don't expect Gibson of old to be back." That would explain the quality issues quite well. I guess i will buy a seconhand hand one after all.
  4. Yeah, they absolutely dumped me. :D I am hard to deal with, for being just an e-shopper. The question is, if they really have a guitar with clean frets, nicely centered Vibrola and not cut by knife. That's actually what i'd like to know.
  5. I called to them, asking what they mean by a "perfect condition", they apologized and said they mean a "standard condition", or better "what they have been seeing from Gibson lately".
  6. Thomann just sent me email, that the guitar was in perfect condition, and thus they are can't replace it with a better piece and issuing a refund. That supports my theory that Gibson sends their defective or second grate pieces to European e-shops where people are more likely to put up with defects. Thus Thomann had no better guitar to replace it.
  7. Oh, i actually did take a picture. Instead of fixing the bridge pickup, they lifted the bridge. Next one.
  8. I decided to have it replaced for the second time, which means i am about to receive my 3rd guitar. After that i will probably ask for refund. Which is a shame because i really wanted to pay for quality. As for the pictures, it is hard to take a picture a a badly sanded frets, isn't it? I didn't bother to take a picture of the crooked pickup and lifted strings, because i would fixt that myself. The reason i sent it back was the sharp frets.
  9. So i got my second 61 reissue SG with maestro Vibrola from Thomann, because the first one was butchered by knife at the Gibson workshop. Well this one came with strings about 0.5 cm above the fret board, because the bridge pickup is installed all crooked. Instead of fixing the pickup, they have lifted the strings - bam, sorted. Also the frets are not sanded well and feel scratchy. So this is what Gibson is these days? Or do they just send some sort of junk to Thomann internet shop expecting people put up with defects? Any experience? This is a 2000 USD guitar ...
  10. It sounded great. Beautifully. It was very resonant. Just the fat E was buzzing from the 5th fret up and D has a weird steel buzzing on it when played open. But i believethat could have been sorted. I just didn't wanna pay 2000 bucks for a guitar screwed up like that. If i ever wanted to sell it, nobody would believe this had actually happened in the Gibson workshop. Hopefully forming the nut by a knife after the guitar has been finished is not a new Gibson manufacturing trick, i think the replacement guitar will be from the same batch.
  11. So i got this beautiful guitar that is worth about 2000 USD, just to find out some goddamn ignorant idiot in Gibson workshop cut a piece of binding as he was trying to form the nut with a knife after that guitar was assembled and lacquered. Thank you Jo, you made my day.
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