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  1. I am a guitar player from Seattle. Been playing since I was 7. I’m 64 and in a band called Loudmotor. Total garage rock. Both of us guitar players rock white early 90’s Gibson Les Paul Customs. I also have a burst classic with Antiquites, tobacco burst Traditional, a heritage cherry Explorer, 2 Firebird V’s, one white, one burst and a 1999 Gibson Hummingbird. I have had a lot of guitars but always fall back on my USA Gibsons. Love them all. Now don’t get me started on amps!!😂
  2. I just picked up a used white 2008 Firebird V by chance at GC. I went in to buy an Orange cab and they just hung it up. I picked it up today. I also have a 2017 burst with Steinberger tuners. The ‘08 has banjos. I like them both. My question is why Gibson doesn’t have white in their lineup anymore. They are freaking hard to find. I sold one 10 or so years ago so I am glad to have gotten another. Dave - Seattle
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