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  1. thanks for this, its an Epiphone so it wont be a switchcraft jack I am afraid, took it back to the selling store today and they have to ship it somewhere for repair (warranty) , really wish I hadnt taken it there now and just had it repaired on my own dime locally. Reading the piece of paper they gave me to sign it said basically all care and no responsibility for loss or damage which I am kind of worried about now. You cant tell me that they have no comeback to their freight company if it is lost or damaged, I mean its not like they ship it for free (they bill the freight to Epiphone/Gibson or their agent). Anyways its not like they have damaged or lost it.....at this stage.
  2. I purchased this guitar less than 12mths ago and it has a bad output jack, the magnetic pickup jack is touchy and the plug feels looser than the nano mag jack when plugged in. Does anyone else have this issue with an ultra 339 or Les Paul Ultra? I am in New Zealand by the way,
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply, will try to get some gut shots but I think there is a fair bit of circuitry in there and I am loathe to mess with stuff I dont know s...t about :-) As long as I dont need to move anything under the hood I will see how I get on, Thanks again, the feedback thing doesn't bother me too much and I think the Ultra is a little less hollow than the Pro model having only one F hole.
  4. I am considering this mod for my 339 Ultra, the electronics on board give me pause. Does anyone out there know if this could be an issue?
  5. Does anyone know much about this 'mod'? It seems like an interesting concept and probably an easy aftermarket mod, I would just like to know how it sounds on different guitars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJphleZLuQ4
  6. Congrats, thats a beauty, great purchase.
  7. Yes I have just had my son's g400 repaired for the same reason, the neck pickup was dead. Just a dirty contact required some cleaner and some solder to improve the contacts action. Second time in about 4 years this has happened so I think we will replace the switch, all the rest of the electronics have been changed out but the switch that came with the kit would not fit into the Epi body (Gibson style right angle switch). It sounds all good again now though.
  8. I was waiting for ages for a Pro 339 and when the store finally admitted that they did not have one on order for me I ended up buying an Ultra for only an extra $100. I never really looked at the Ultra as it was NZ$450 more than the Pro. I am glad I did buy the Ultra, the acoustic pickup at the neck is a nice feature, you also get to download Guitar Rig software and the tuner in the bridge pickup is a nice touch. The nano mag pickup sounds quite nasty (in a good way) through a fuzz pedal or similar if you like to experiment a little. Plugging into two amps is quite fun and switching between the three pickups is very versatile, if you see one in a store chances are it has been there for a while so they will want to move it on, be bold and they may surprise you with a very sharp price.
  9. Just took it to a friend of mine, he adjusted the neck and had to turn the A neck saddle around so he could get enough travel to set the intonation up properly. He said one of the frets is a little high but nothing to worry about, nothing you can hear plugged in.
  10. That's a good question, I am wondering if a pup change would be a drama on the ultra version with the tuner and led's in the pickup ring. Not planning on this but just curious. Does the pro version have a white nut? With a few upgrades you could really make this guitar a real dark horse, good luck and post some pics :-)
  11. Very nice, I didnt know they made Ultra's in P/Blue, you will be well pleased with that.
  12. Took possession two weeks ago, love it dearly.
  13. Thank you, plays very nicely and some amazing tone possibilities, so glad I didn't get impatient and grab something else (there was a bit of a saga with this one) I considered a Pro in Sunburst as they had one in the store although the coil split demo's I have seen are quite impressive. I think perhaps the Pro would sound nicer un plugged having more airspace in the body. Pretty stoked with this though.
  14. Thanks for the kind words, I dont have an acoustic amp at this stage so have been running it through a little Vox mini 3 or a an AC4, we also have an MG30 gathering dust but I am just a learner where as my son is much more experienced, He was playing it yesterday though the AC4 and a boss blues driver, the nano mag on its own sounded pretty filthy with the gain on the pedal maxed. Might have to invest in a small vox acoustic amp or an Ibanez troubadour perhaps.
  15. Its true, a monkey can be trained to use an iPhone
  16. Thanks for the kind words, I have to go now, it's calling me
  17. I have had mine for about a week and I am very happy also, amazing guitar for what I paid for it, I ended up with the Ultra model so I am still getting used to the different settings.
  18. I have had mine for about a week and I am very happy also, amazing guitar for what I paid for it, I ended up with the Ultra model so I am still getting used to the different settings.
  19. Beautiful collection, thanks for posting
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