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  1. Those look great, but it doesn't look like there are any available right now.
  2. Yeah I'd get a luthier in town to do it for sure
  3. I completely understand valuing traditional looks/consistency, but I'm not super concerned with it in this case--I probably would be if I had a J45 standard or a vintage Gibson or something like that that I might be looking to resell down the road, but to me this guitar in particular is a tool for making music and also one that I want to look cool. If it had the original pick guard, I probably wouldn't replace it, but since the one that's on it doesn't fit, I probably will. Also, regarding staying faithful to the original 35s, since the headstock logos on these new ones never appeared on those originals... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . The damage in that regard has been done, in my opinion, and I might as well make it look cool.
  4. I've been thinking about the tone aspect of the larger pick guard, too. How much of an effect do you think it would have? I'll check out Holter-- thanks for the suggestion!
  5. No worries-- I'm 50/50 on it, so I'm just looking for some input to see what other people like. I like the look/material of the one that's on there, and if it fit correctly I'd just leave it, but since it doesn't I'd like to consider changing it out. Obviously what I like comes first, but given that I'm undecided I'd like to see what people other than myself think-- I'll be performing with it a good bit, and as inconsequential as looks are relative to sound and how good my songs are, I also want the audience to like what they see and to put forth a good, interesting image.
  6. Hi! I just bought a 2015 J-35 (pics attached) from a friend of mine, and I really love it so far. I restrung it with Ernie Ball aluminum bronze lights, and it really sings. The previous owner had replaced the stock fire stripe pick guard with a similarly-shaped dark tortoise shell guard. It's a nice pick guard, but it doesn't quite fit right—the round part at the bottom end doesn't look like it quite reaches where the old one did, so there's a small light crescent-shaped area below it, and the radius is a little too small so the point encroach on the rosette. Because of that, I have a few questions: 1) In your opinion, does it look good enough that I should just leave it be? (see picture attached) 2) I'm thinking about replacing it with a redder J-50-style batwing guard, if I could find one. I saw in a thread somewhere that someone had replaced their j-35 guard with one of those, and it looked great. 3) If I were to replace it, where would I find such a pick guard for a reasonable amount of money? I checked out Fox Guitars and they had the shape I'm looking for, but it was over $100 and a) I'm not looking to spend nearly that much, and b) I don't really feel the need for it to be real cellulose, which theirs appear to be and which seems to be the reason for the cost. What are your thoughts?
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