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  1. Update, although it plays and sounds incredible, I've decided to post it on Reverb. Not used to classical guitars and need to buy my granddaughter a beginner guitar for Christmas. So if you know anyone interested in an EC-100 it's selling for $350. Thanks again!
  2. Update, took the plunge and filed down the original saddle. Took about 2mm off and it turned out pretty good. Action seems to be a lot better...
  3. Thanks Jazzman, was hoping to find out what the right size is without having to spend hours searching the net. I don't have much experience doing this. Richard
  4. Working on a 67 EC100 and need help with choosing a replacement saddle. I want to lower the action but don't want to take a chance on ruining the original saddle. Can somebody point me in the right direction for a direct replacement saddle? Thanks in advance, Richard
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