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  1. I guess the rectangle bridge was throwing me and I thought J35s already had a long saddle. Anywho, this mod can be done by a good luthier/tech. They plug the existing drop-in route in the bridge and then cut a new long saddle slot. Someone was recently asking about this on the Martin forum:



    I guess the trick is to find someone who's skills you trust enough to do this. I personally think your J35 would look great with a long saddle in the rectangle bridge.

  2. I was wanting some replacement pins for my J50, so a few months ago I called Gibson customer service. The Gibson acoustic rep I spoke with told me they are currently using Graph Tech Tusq bridge pins (the "Traditional" ones on this page):


    These are what my 2016 Hummingbird has.


    He did not know a source for the plastic pins that came on my J50. As jedzep posted, you can find some that have the "look", and I found these:


    They certainly look like the ones on my J50, but I haven't ordered yet. The price is right though.

  3. My hand and arm will not go in far enough to check the tightness of the nut. Were you able to get your hand in all the way?

    I tried to test the tightness from the outside, and could not move the end pin.

    If yours has the same pickup as mine, the ring that the strap hooks onto is just a screwed on cover for the outer nut of the whole endpin/jack. You can remove the strap ring thing with your fingers by unscrewing it to expose the nut underneath, and then tighten that with a wrench. Be super careful with the finish though - you may want to tape it off.


    I honestly don't remember if I was able to get my arm in far enough to tighten it from the inside as well.

  4. If it has a pick up in it , then stick your hand in the soundhole and check the fitting at the endpin.


    Count me as another vote for checking the endpin jack for tightness! My 2016 Bird had a maddening string buzz and this fixed it. You wouldn't think a loose endpin jack would cause just one string to buzz, but it did on mine.

  5. Sorry to hijack this thread with non-Gison content but... A guy working in a local guitar shop told me the J45s that have come through have been very consistent sound-wise (in a good way) the past couple of years. Conversely, he said that only about one out of five of the Hummingbirds they get in sound really good. When there last I played a 60s J45 (cherry burst finish and ADJ bridge, but not a Donovan model) that sounded great. That one would have come home with me if I had the $$$. I played a rosewood J45 that sounded like a dud to my ear, but I've never heard another rosewood J45 to compare it to. I played a black Hummingbird that was underwhelming, and another standard Bird that was ok. I saw a J15 hanging on the wall but did not play it for fear of the GAS it would induce.

  6. Very nice! I love a cherry burst on a Bird or J45. I can empathize, because a few months ago I missed a nice like-new cherry burst, red spruce, adjustable bridge Bird because I didn't have the cash. I sold a couple of guitars and ended up with a very nice sounding standard Bird in the end, so all is well. I still secretly lust for that cherry burst Bird though...

  7. A belated congrats on the latest addition to your collection. It's a beautiful looking and sounding guitar for sure. Now all you need is the elusive Sparrow to complete your bird trifecta! Ha,ha...


    Just curious, what replacement tuners did you go with? Am I seeing bushing rings in that picture? Grover Deluxe?

  8. I'm thinking of replacing the Grover Rotomatics in my Hummingbird with some more traditional tulip tuners. Ideally I would like the bottom screw hole to line up with the new tuner so they stay aligned and I only have to drill one new hole. I know if I go with Grover vintage style tulip tuners the holes will line up, but I like the rounded backs on the Gotoh tuners better than the square-backed Grovers. Does anyone know if the bottom hole on these will line up?



    Also these Klusons look really nice. Does anyone know if the bottom holes on these will line up?


  9. I'm curious to know the answer to this as well. My 2016 Bird has the "2016" cover which I don't much care for. I was looking for a "HUMMINGBIRD" cover but can't find a Gibson one for sale -- I was even contemplating buying a used Epiphone cover off ebay, but then saw this thread. A quick search for Hummingbirds from 1962 - 1969 for sale on the internet show none with engraved covers, so I'm guessing it started in the 70s (???). Now I'm thinking I'll just put a plain cover on it.

  10. Great to hear...

    Enjoy it! But don't sell the J50. You will want it back. I know this.



    Put Martin Retro Lights on your J50, which will sound brash and thin at first... and after a week your guitar will sound like a vintage J45.

    Not to worry, Sal - I won't be selling the J50! I had some JP pure nickel lights on it before the last string change that sounded pretty vintag-y. I'll have to try the monel lights.


    Here are some pics I took yesterday, but I'm still waiting for a sunny day to take some better ones. The first is with a flash and makes the burst look a lot more red than it actually is. The second is w/o flash but still looks a bit more red than it is. The third is showing the saddle and pins that came with it, and the burst in this pic is the most accurate to what it really looks like.




  11. Problem solved! It was indeed a loose endpin jack. I swapped the Tusq saddle and plastic pins over from my J50, so now the bird is back to Montana stock.


    Thanks to Sal and Mafy for pointing me towards the endpin jack. [thumbup]


    And thanks for the HB Club offers, but all my spare cash went into this bird. I'll catch you for dues next month.

  12. Thanks a lot for the suggestions Mafy. I'll try trading out the pins with my J50 and see if the buzzing stops, and definitely check the jack. I also have a couple of Gibson saddles in my parts box I'll try.


    Does anyone know where I can buy a set of OEM Gibson plastic bridge pins?

  13. I suspect the pins are these. I'll look tonight when I get home to compare. They definitely had a flat top, and I could not get my pin puller to grip them.



    The buzzing isn't from fretting out. I get it on an open string, and also when fretted at the very last fret. Oddly, it is noticeably less when I hold the guitar upside-down (a.k.a left handed). Elderly gives a 30 day warranty, but I'd really rather not ship it back for this. If I can't solve it myself, there is a very good local guitar tech.

  14. My new used 2016 Hummingbird standard arrived from Elderly yesterday.  I must say that I'm very happy with this guitar and it's everything I hoped it would be.  I was a little worried that it may be a dud, since it was a used 2016 model.  I was wondering, why would anyone trade in a new guitar so fast?  It's anything but a dud though.  This is hands-down the best strumming guitar I've ever owned. Now I'm wondering, why would anyone trade off this guitar?  It has a nice big Gibson bottom end, but is otherwise even across the strings.  It doesn't lose anything when capo'd up the neck.  The tone is lush and complex for a mahogany b/s guitar, with near rosewood-like overtones. It doesn't have a loud voice, but the dynamics are very easy to control - what you strum is what you get.  To borrow a line from Col. Potter, there aren't enough o's in "smooooth" to describe the tone of this bird.  By comparison, it makes my J50 sound like a laminate junker.  OK, well, maybe not quite like that, but there is a very noticeable difference in the two. I'll know better when the honeymoon is over.  The condition of the guitar is literally like new.  Honestly, I've bought new guitars with more play wear.  It even smells like a new guitar.  Yup, I'm plenty pleased with this one!


    Sorry no pics yet. I took some last night, but the flash pictures looked awful and the non-flash pics were grainy due to lack of light.


    I have a couple of questions for other modern 'Bird owners...


    1. The saddle on this one appears to be bone, while the Gibson website shows a Tusq compensated saddle like came in my J50. The saddle in mine has no b-string compensation. Does this sound like a factory saddle?



    2. The bridge pins are unlike any other I've seen on a guitar. I removed them and when holding them in my hand they make a distinct clinking sound. I'm thinking maybe they are Tusq. They are flat-topped and do not look like the picture of the pins on the Gibson website (link above). Could these have been upgraded?


    3. I'm having a string buzzing problem on the G and high E strings only. The buzzing sounds like it's coming from the bridge area. It occurs on the open strings and also when fretted anywhere up the neck. I tried reseating the strings and I removed the under-saddle transducer, but the buzzing is still there. Any help?

  15. I love a cherry burst Hummingbird (or J45), but I'm guessing it's more of the way the picture was taken than anything. If that's it's true color, I won't be disappointed.


    Elderly called this morning and the guitar has been "released". Hopefully that means it will ship out today, but sometimes Elderly can take an extra day. Can't wait to get this one!

  16. After just missing two other Birds in the last month, this morning I pulled the trigger on this used 2016 model from Elderly:





    The price they were asking is exactly to the dollar how much I have in my "Bird fund" after selling two other guitars, so I took that as a sign from above to buy. If they ship it out tomorrow, I will have this Bird in hand on Wednesday. Here's hoping that it lives up to everything I've heard about the other 2016 models.

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