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  1. If I had the coin I'd be all over this one: http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=228457 No affiliation -- I've just some major Hummingbird GAS right now.
  2. After reading that nickel wound strings will "give a guitar a more woody tone", "let the true guitar sound come through", etc., I decided to try some on my J-50. I bought a set of John Pearce nickel wound and strung them up. They definitely sounded different than pb's or 80/20's, but I can't say that I liked them. I'm not sure how to describe the tone -- maybe a bit harsh and metallic. I left them on a couple of days to settle in, but then took them off. So much for my experiment with nickel wounds. Maybe another brand would sound better??? Here's what I used: http://elderly.com/accessories/names/john-pearse-960l-acoustic-guitar-set--JP960L.htm
  3. Thanks. I guess we'll just have to wait...
  4. Does anyone know what the Sparrow is all about?
  5. Big Slaid Cleaves fan here (see screen name). I own a couple of Martins, but after buying my first Slaid CD I discovered the Gibson tone. Now most of my guitar time is spent strumming and singing Slaid Cleaves songs. I got the chance to see him live when he came through my area last June. And the long haired feller has been known (forced maybe) to play a Gibson at least once...
  6. Ridges like that are often caused by caused by lack of humidification. All guitar tops have that texture to some degree, but when the wood gets drier it becomes more pronounced. Check out the link below. http://www.fretnotguitarrepair.com/repair/acoustic-guitar/cracks.php
  7. Paxton is in the eastern part of the state, about half way up -- just north of Champaign. If that was a square shoulder Gibson, I'd definitely be taking a look.
  8. http://chambana.craigslist.org/msg/2551629958.html In case the guitar gets sold and the link taken down, that's a 2006 J-45 for $1100 on my local craigslist. If I didn't already have my J-50, it would be mine right now! But for the unbelievably low price, I have to wonder if it has some issues. If not, it's a steal for some lucky person.
  9. My 2007 J50 has the volume wheel control inside the soundhole. Just curious -- what year is yours?
  10. Spotondrums - are you putting those 3 on a plate Tonepros on a modern J50? Do they line up with the holes? I've been searching for some white oval replacement tuners for my 2007 J50. I really don't like the Rotomatics. The specs on all of the 3-on a plate tuners at Stewmac don't line up with the holes on my J50 though.
  11. My main question was about bracing differences between my 2007 and a 60's J50, since that has a dramatic effect on tone. And I think zombywoof ansered it. So the 1960s J50s were straight braced? This is what I was wondering last night after listening to several youtube videos. To my ear, the 60's models seemed to have a more straight braced sound to them, which is what I actually prefer.
  12. Most obvious is the adjustable bridge, but... Can anyone tell me what the differences are in a 1960's J50 vs. a modern one like my 2007? I'm particularly wondering if there have been any bracing design changes, but am interested in other differences as well.
  13. Here's what I got from customer service: And then there was a link to find my nearest service center and a note about the warrantee. I traded a guy for this guitar, so obviously the warranty does not apply. The bridge could be replaced, or maybe even filled and re-routed while still on the guitar, but I don't think either of these options would be worth it for the price for this guitar. Since the intonation seems to be good, I'll just keep it as is.
  14. Thanks for the replies. The saddle slot is routed at an angle (including the bottom), so there is no other way for a saddle to fit into the slot. I checked the intonation of each string, and they all read true at the 12th fret harmonic (the low E was a bit flat). This was with my Korg tuner, however accurate that is. Fretted intonation seems to be acceptable up the neck as well. I bluezguy's advice and sent an email to Gibson customer service tonight.
  15. I have a Masterbilt AJ-500M and noticed that the saddle is tilted back towards the bridge pins. I asked about this on another board and was told that some high end guitars are designed this way. I'd like to hear from other Masterbilt owners if their saddle is tilted towards the pins. I've added a pic so you can see exactly what I mean. Thanks.
  16. I've found that 12's (lights) hit the sweet spot on my J-50 (which is a J-45 without the sunburst finish). I've tried 13's (mediums) and "bluegrass" (light/medium) strings on it several times, but the tone just isn't the same. The tone is more robust with heavier strings, but that magic Gibson sound isn't there like it is with the lights. On the other hand, I had a Martin D-18V that sounded positively anemic with lights, but great with mediums. Others say that lights work well on a Martin D-35, so I guess it all depends on the guitar personal preference.
  17. Found on a nearby craigslist: the bedpan electric http://springfieldil.craigslist.org/msg/2254422812.html The mind boggles at the possibilities this ad offers for creative prose put-downs...
  18. Thanks for posting. That gives me another string to try on my J-50. When I got this guitar a couple of weeks ago it had really old strings on it. The unwound strings were tarnished, but it had a great tone. I changed the strings to some Martin 80/20's and it immediately lost that magic tone and sounded too bright. I have some week old John Pearce 80/20's on it right now and they sound better, but still not "earthy" enough. I'm going to order some more strings from Elderly, so I'll give the Earthtones a try. People on the UMGF were discussing which strings would give a Martin a "Gibson" tone a while back and several people suggested nickel wound strings will give a guitar a woody tone and let a more natural sound through. http://theunofficialmartinguitarforum.yuku.com/topic/91629 D'Addario EJ22 and GHS White Bronze nickel wounds were suggested, so I'll give those a try as well.
  19. Methinks he should have built another 103 guitars before starting this one.
  20. Thanks for the comments. The look grows on me more every day! I'm new to Gibsons, but from what I've read they discontinued the J-50 a year or two ago and now offer the J-45 in a sunburst and natural (blonde) finish.
  21. I posted here for the first time last week, asking which Gibson acoustic would give me a particular sound. Several people responded with thoughtful suggestions, and in the end I had my mind set on a J-45. But last Saturday I stopped by the local Gibson dealer for some strings and saw that they had one Gibson dread -- a J-50. I strummed around on it a bit and found that it had the exact tone I was looking for. I really wasn't planning on buying, but I when I saw the price tag I couldn't help myself and it came home with me. The serial number dates production to very late 2007, so I think this one has been hanging in the shop for a little while, waiting on me. It's in pristine condition though, and I'm guessing that the tag price is lower than the current blonde J-45's since it is a year or two old (as I understand, the J-50 was phased out a year or two ago). I'm really happy with the sound, and with light strings it almost plays itself. I put mediums on it, but I think I liked the feel and tone of the lights better. You can really hammer on this thing with the mediums, but my strumming style is softer. Maybe I'll try some light/med next as a compromise. I put some ebony pins in, and next up will be a bone saddle. Looks wise, my initial reaction was that it is kind of ugly. I'm not a big fan of the light stained mahogany (Larrivee has the same color for their hog/sapele guitars), but it's kind of growing on me. The pics make the back look a lot more orange than it is. I love the white binding and the top is really nice with a hint of bearclaw in a couple of places. I'll probably replace the tuners with something that has white knobs. The fingerboard is a nice looking piece of rosewood, with a bit of figuring in it. I've gone through several guitars in the past couple of years, trying to find the right one for me. After just a few days it's a bit early to tell, but I think this one may be the one. It suits my strumming/singing style very well.
  22. Ok, solved my problem yesterday. I stopped by my small local Gibson dealer and was very surprised to find a J-50 hanging on the wall. It was the only dread in the shop. The tone was exactly what I was looking for and the price was more than right,so home it came!
  23. Regarding mahogany vs. rosewood, all of my guitars up to now (except one) have been mahogany. From what little rosewod I've played, I was thinking about going rosewood with a Gibson. I guess I need to play a rw and a hog J-45 to see though. My hog martins (D-18V, D-16, 00-18V) just don't seem right for my style -- I mostly like to just strum and sing, with a bit of flatpicking mixed in. I offered the D-18V up for trade for a J-45 or AJ on a couple other forums, but didn't get any takers for what I wanted. I'm going to list it locally next week and if it sells I'll put the money towards a Gibson of some sort. I'd like to get everything down to just a couple of nice guitars, maybe a D-28 and a hog J-45. I'm still searching for what's right for me, I suppose...
  24. Thanks for the feedback and caveats. I realize that matching a particular tone or sound is not 100% possible, but that youtube clip personified the tone I'm after. I had my eye on an '06 J-45 rosewood on the BuffaloBros website. They have a 100% trade-up policy, and I bought a uke from them a few years back that would have contributed several hundred dollars towards it. I just called them and unfortunately the J-45 sold this morning. The search continues...
  25. OK, I've never owned one but I've got major Gibson gas! I own a couple of nice Martins, but I've been thinking seriously about selling one to fund a J-45 or an AJ. An Epiphone AJ-500R is also in the running, but I'm just not sure it would give me the sound I'm after. I was youtube surfing last night and found this clip which is EXACTLY the sound I'm looking for. This is a Southern Jumbo, but would a J-45 give me the same sound? It will take a road trip for me to try some Gibsons out, as no store near me stocks any acoustics. Thanks for any input to help fuel my gas... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5I3nBbrYISg
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