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  1. It's a damn fine sounding guitar! I bought a 2000 Les Paul Special SL for my son for Christmas and it sounds incredible. Why Gibson no longer makes these I have no idea. The guy I bought it from had put a Seymour Duncan 59 Humbucker at the bridge and it just screams. It's definitly not a show piece Les Paul it's a giging guitar!
  2. I have to agree with Dave...that's pretty ugly man!
  3. How about Warren Haynes with Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule? Sick! +1 Warren Haynes!!...Can't get a whole lot better then that.
  4. Since you've never played one your opinion doesn't count.
  5. Thanks for the info Max!! Nice guitar by the way.
  6. Hello I'm new here and a drummer (sorry). But my son is a guitar player and will be a Gibson Les Paul Special SL player when I give him his x-mas present x-mas morning. I bought a 2000 Les Paul special SL (not the fade) on ebay a little while ago and am happy to say it looks brand new. The guy I bought it from put a Duncan 59 humbucker in the bridge pickup and it has the stock 490 on the neck pickup. He also replaced the tuner pegs with schaller tuners. Anyway...I was wondering if there is any one who owns one and what you think of yours? Also I was wondering why Gibson discontinued selling th
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