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  1. sorry but, to say there are both good and bad gibsons and epis and therefore one is just as good as the next is just outright silly. there are far more examples of great gibsons than epis owing to the methods and materials used to craft them. Ask gibson and they'll agree - the bell curve just sits higher for gibsons than for epis, and I would wager the variation (ie. QC) from one to the next is narrower for gibson as well at least on the bottom end (ie you're not as likely to get a dud but when you get a poor quality Epi there are few guitars that bad). of course people are emotionally attached and feel they must defend their purchases etc. but the simple fact remains. If you can justify spending the dough on a gibson do it and you can be pretty certain it will be a superior quality instrument. If you can't justify it or afford it, get an Epi which is still probably better than competing guitars at similar price points. My suggestion if your budget is tight however is - get a gibson LP Studio - fantastic guitars for the price & far better than any Epi.
  2. Hey AXE, I notice youve got the strings wound over the bridge. May I ask why?
  3. Good job! Studio is a fantastic guitar...i've had several. The BB Pros are on my Standards...great pickups for just about any purpose. My favorite setting is basically neck pu with everything on 10!!!
  4. Definitely buy a DC. It is 100% Les Paul in tone. There are two kinds basically...you can tell by the body style the way the body meets the neck, and the fact that the older style ones have 24 frets rather than 22. because of this, the neck pickup is closer to the bridge so it sounds different to one on a 22 fret neck. I think both designs were chambered. They made some DCs with really amazing flame maple tops, so take a good look around till you find one that's awesome and if you can play it first obviously that's the only way to go for most folks around here.
  5. keep the standards!!!! don't buy anything from GC!!!!
  6. true bypass analog doesnt suck tone complements your main tone go ahead and pay more for good quality
  7. 1 i would want a weight relieved or solid body along with a 60s slim profile neck - what model would that be? 2 flame maple / root beer / one with a top covered in small square mirrors (I think edge used one in pop mart tour?) jk 3 old style double cutaway 4 tone and feel of a quality instrument 5 so many reasons. they're alll unique items and they sound so awesome!
  8. malcolm young, george thorogood, john scofield, BB King, Mark Knopfler, the guy from blue rodeo, Joey Santiago.
  9. +1 LP Studio is a fantastic guitar, I've had several over the years. Stripped down, no frills just a great guitar.
  10. Option 3 absolutely! It is a fantastic instrument that will last you years so go for it. I would add though, if you can live without binding the Studio is great sounding just a top quality LP, without the aesthetic frills. Get a great guitar for the price that way. As for learning on acoustic guitar first, it sounds like you would prefer electric, so if you want to make it harder on your fingers just put heavier strings on your LP and get the added benefit of better tone.
  11. I used to use a Boss tuner (among others), then I got a PlanetWaves strobe tuner. It is not too expensive but really accurate. Actually I tuned my guitar using my boss, then with the strobe just to compare and the difference was remarkable. A strobe is arguably the best you can get. A good tuner is possibly the most important accessory for a guitar player IMHO. I hate being out of tune and things sound so much better when everyone is in tune.
  12. esch

    Rip It

    I liked a lot of it, interesting progressions. Somewhat cliche though but your influences show up (in my limited knowledge).
  13. Having owned and played many 335s and currently owning a 339...I vote 339. All the benefits of a 335 together with a really awesome price, I paid C$1600 brand new for a beautiful cherry one. Price wasn't a deterrent, if I wanted another 335 that's what I would have bought...but when I sat down to audition the 339 against a few other 339s and 3 335s, I fell in love right away...went into the guitar store expecting just to buy strings and walked out with a new guitar. Beauty! In the words of Murph, 339 is the bomb.
  14. i use regular slinky's. 339 yes it is the bomb! Welcome to the club!
  15. If he's a good friend of yours and the guitar is totally legit (and how are the frets?), then frankly don't take advantage of him. You don't have to pay "top dollar" for it but maybe the best price you can afford relative to going market price. Tell you a story: The other guitarist in my band was renting guitars cuz he couldn't afford a mice one, and while he got to try out lots of guitars it got old pretty quick and spending all that money constantly with nothing to show for it was a real pisser. So, I sold him my '70s Ibanez Artist, a beautiful and versatile axe, for real cheap. Because I gave him such a good deal, I stipulated that when and if he decides he doesn't want it any more, I have the first right of refusal to buy it back from him at "a fair price". You gotta help your friends man, especially when they run into hard times.
  16. esch


    Get the digitech jamman. Lots of memory (removable card), 1/4" or XLR input - allows you to mic your cab and go into the looper, or just go directly in with the 1/4", control over input levels and output level, can listen on headphones, 99 memory locations, etc. I use it to record riffs real quick when I'm travelling or at home and just too lazy to start up my computer. This is a great machine and is built like a tank. If you can get it for $199 go for it.
  17. esch

    epiphone AND gibson

    Definitely Gibson LP Studio over Epi of ANY kind. Studio is entry level LP but great quality, just no aesthetic frills like binding etc. - just a great guitar.
  18. Of the classics - gold top is the best. Best finish I've seen yet though, assuming the maple is good, is the Les Paul DC Pro w/natural flame maple top. What can I say - it's mine! BTW trans amber and root beer are really cool too, also assuming the maple is good, otherwise all bets are off.
  19. Why did you decide on either the SG or Junior? They are so different. Is it price? If it's just about price and easing the wear on your other guitars, pick one you like best then get a cheaper version (ie. Traditional LP vs. LP Studio). But the thing with all these guitars you mentioned, is the cheaper versions are not going to feel and perform the same. If you like the Les Paul best (as I do) then why not an LP Studio? I guess from the guitars you listed, that would be the compromise I could most live with. For me, I play whichever of my guitars I want, whenever I want, museum piece or not. Sure, my favorites get the most wear but hey, this is life, right?
  20. This one gets my vote http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=21447 Yes flame is good! Flame is always good!
  21. Do you like apples or oranges better? LP is potentially more versatile and suited to rock. I have a 339 and LPs, and it is a fantastic guitar. Personally I find BB Pros to be the best (to my ears) and I am thinking of swapping out the 57 classics for those in the 339. I am almost inclined to say I like the 490s (studio) better than the 57 classics? Anyway good advice is to try them both, see what range of music fits best for each. They're both awesome guitars.
  22. The best Les Paul? My double cutaway pro of course: http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=21447
  23. +1 What else? Poplar/Maple top (they can't specify which?), die cast tuners, one piece wraparound bridge, bolt on neck (bolt on neck!!!). Good grief. I've seen one of these, in Costco I think. Came as a package with an amp and cord etc. The whole deal looked really crappy...like a toy or a prop to trash on stage.
  24. esch

    Les Paul Studio

    Studio is a fantastic guitar for the money, not just for beginners!!!
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