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  1. yes live with the nick or have it fixed, dont refinish. Nitro lacquer repair can be indistinguishable from the surrounding area there's nothing to worry about.
  2. I'm really digging the current setup with my Les Paul. It was funny, last night I just stood there with it cranked and played one open E after another for literally five minutes, loving how the notes would bloom and then decay. Words like glorious, harmonically rich, thick, super saturated, heavy, warm, spacious, detailed...came to mind. Finally I think my LP sounds how it should. Anyway check it out. Maxon OD820 overdrive pedal --> Radial ABY box to split the signal into two amps --> Orange Tiny Terror and Bemis Amplification Valve Junior Custom 7 amps --> One amp goes into the left channel and one amp into the right channel of my Mesa Rectifier 4x12 (V-30s). The topic comes up frequently here, about what inexpensive amps may be recommended for an LP or otherwise, that still have good tone. The Orange and Bemis amps are both under about $600 and sound outstanding (even better when combined). BTW You won't find Bemis in any store, Randy will have to make the amp for you (he'll build it to your tastes). I've had much more expensive amps than these two...but none that sounded better. Guys, I had to tell someone who can appreciate good tone, about this. I'm looking forward to jamming with my band thats for sure! I should have time to put some sound clips up next week or so. Dave
  3. If you want to improve your Epi then yes replace the electronics AND pickups at the very least. I don't see the point though. You can get a new or used Les Paul Studio for WAY less than $2k, which is WAY better than any Epi, modded or not.
  4. Hey, people buy cheaper guitars of any manufacturer for various reasons. Some problems...hard to keep in tune, poorer quality control, hard to get ideal action height, hard to fix intonation, noisy components, knobs and tuning pegs that broke off... I don't because I don't want to deal with issues with cheap guitars any more...I had enough of that when I was younger. Now I want every guitar I pick up to be really good, finish, workmanship, tone especially. Modding an Epi sounds like a good idea to some people but it's not for me. In theory, if I started removing/fixing/replacing stuff from an Epi I don't know where I would stop. I guess not until it was an actual Gibson. LOL
  5. Come on! I can't be the only one! Lets see some DCs!!!
  6. Are we attached to our guitars? Guilty as charged. I'm just glad (as is my wife) that I don't love cars as much as I love guitars! A relatively inexpensive choice!
  7. I don't think the guitars are the first to go...I think guys reach a point where they almost don't have a choice. It is good for those of us who have the liquid cash to grab great gear at bargain prices though. I'm a conservative guy and I've been fortunate to never over extend myself financially so badly that I've had to let good gear go cheap, instead I like to make sure I can capitalize if the used market falls. There are some deals to be had on eBay! I picked up a LP DC recently that is unbelievable in every way...for very cheap. It's the same thing I do in my professional life.
  8. Nice try Yoda! Now you know you want a DC! They're discontinued now though...
  9. I fixed it - so all my pics are now showing up on the page! Thanks for the tip! D
  10. Lets see some pictures of your DC! Here are mine:
  11. They are the best kept secrets of the Gibson line. Get onenow.
  12. Get a maxon OD820 and forget about anything else. Klon Centaur is considered the holy grail of OD pedals and this one kicks its *** for cheaper. Not a bargain basement OD however, but if tone is your obsession...get it. look it up on the net if you're not convinced. I am a tone snob and this is IT. D
  13. I got a VJ from Randy Bemis (bemisamplification.com) modded "Custom 7". F**KING BEAUTIFUL TONE. Works great with a good od pedal too (actually prefer it that way - Maxon OD-820). I play it thru my Mesa Recto 4x12 let me tell you it totally kicks. This is now the best amp I've owned and I've owned too many to count. All for < $500.
  14. It says 359 not 339. Is the only difference what appears to be 3-ply binding?
  15. esch


    It is a labour and time saving device...I am not convinced it does a "better" job than manual, but probably more consistent results for a factory situation which may be good for the consumer. And it is something for Gibson to brag about and "say" it is a huge advance that significantly improves their products. They can then maintain or increase pricing while reducing their cost over the long run leading to even higher margins.
  16. Absolutely, stick with the 57s especially on the bridge. You might enjoy something different on the neck pu, but the 57s are really good so why mess with it?
  17. Roland JC120 Jazz chorus 2X12 Mesa .50 Cal Wine red Gibson Studio LP Shiny orange Gibson Studio LP cherry red ES-335 Dot Ibanez overdrive/distortion to a friend who says it must be buried with him in his grave... Certainly don't regret sellin my POD or VETTA or any of that digital ****!!! ...But now I (a) know better and (:- am financially liquid enough to keep all my cool gear.
  18. I may not be a math wizard (oh, wait a minute, yes I am!) but... EPI < GIBSON. EPI Custom < Gibson LP Studio. Show me the best Epi with upgraded electronics and this is still a universal truth. the Epis are great intro guitars but no matter what you do to them you are starting with a budget guitar and ending with an upgraded budget guitar. I have a friend who is buying in the budget range, mexicali strats etc... I said get an Epi. Play them till you find a good one. But it is still an Epi.
  19. 490/498 are pretty bright. What is on the Lucille (I have one but don't know). I would say go with the 57 classics, those are on my 339 and they are freakin awesome.
  20. Amazing. They're going bankrupt down there in the states aren't they?Jk. It would feel weird going into BB to buy my next LP...
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