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  1. Nice! First thing I would do though is replace the pup borders and around the pickup selector, to black. Then you're good to go! I thought that model came with black (mine did).
  2. I totally agree that it is lame to do that. Acid wash jeans are a good analogy.
  3. Personally I think so. The stock 490/498 combo for pickups is hot enough for metal but really great for rock too.
  4. Have you listened to a Mesa dual rectifier (or Roadster / Roadking = same thing)? From what you described it sounds like it will really appeal to you, and the versatility other than on the single rec, is really good. Lots of tonal control per channel. If I recall, my Roadster had four channels...all with the same variety of settings but each with a different voice. And a very nice reverb for clean stuff. A Soldano is fantastic too if price is no object, mine sounds great with my SG. Personally I like more of a classic rock amp with more detail & harmonics with an SG because it is such an expressive guitar, but if that isn't your style then you have to go with more of a high wattage high gain amp.
  5. Hopefully you can plug it in and hear it?? If the neck is good and you like the wood and sound, that seems reasonable but R9 knows better than I do.
  6. Downsizing that great Fender tone won't be easy but you can probably get something that does sound great at a lower price. My Valve Junior Custom 7 described below cost under $500 shipped. It is a fantastic sounding amp, you might even like it better than your Fender who knows? So here's my setup. I split my signal between two amps - A Soldano HR50+ which sounds really great but is 50W so it has to be pretty loud when it starts to sound really good. The other is a modded Epi Valve Junior "Custom 7" which is literally the best sounding amp I've ever owned (but it is only 7W). I bought both of my current amps in an "ah-ha" moment: - the soldano after owning and trying many many amps, I thought heck why don't I try a Soldano as well...immediately it gave me the natural thick rock and roll tone that I love and an amazing drive channel (same as SLO100) for leads, and I wondered what took me so long to try one. - the modded VJ when I heard my buddy's - I called the boutique owner the next day and asked him to build one for me. after a short interview about my musical interests and types of tone I like he suggested building it with a slightly higher amount of overdrive and I went for it. In his words, it is a boutique build in a small package. Thick, creamy, saturated but articulate tone with tons of beautiful harmonic content. If you're interested I'll post the details for the guy who modded the VJ for me.
  7. In fact I love a heavy guitar. My honeyburst LP is the heaviest of all I own and it just seems like it has such mojo for that. You know you're holding a serious axe and the weight seems to make it more stable while playing. But isn't it interesting that I like the sound of my Goldtop better, which is chambered, and weighs quite a bit less...I actually put a couple of lead weights in with the electronics so it would have a similar feel as my Honeyburst , is that odd? LOL
  8. Absolutely. My epi valve junior has been heavily modded (or as much as you can with such a simple amp let me know if you want details) and in terms of sweet tone it is better believe it or not, than any other amp I've owned...and I've owned several Mesa's, Soldano, Marshall and Orange. Awesome and ridiculous given the price.
  9. I don't mind the weight at all of a solid or weight relieved. But I love the tone of my chambered gold top. I got that one because the only other gold tops were reissues and stuff with 50s neck and I prefer the 60s neck. Not to mention it is a fine example of a great LP, sounds awesome.
  10. I wonder how many guys kind of fell into their current rig (ie other guitarists used a marshall so I'll use a marshall), and how many searched far and wide to finally put together THE combination of elements that work the very best for them.
  11. esch

    Should I buy?

    The 490/498 pup combo is good...a little on the hot side but very versatile if you're looking for that from blues to hard rock. Great aggressive tone. Neck isn't as comfortable as a bound neck but major difference in price and plenty of competing guitars are not bound at that price. So a Studio is a great value there. Very nice instruments visually -who can beat the appearance of a Les Paul?? I've had several Studios and loved'em all - just moved on to Standards.
  12. Favorite Amp setup: Split guitar signal to Modded Epi Valve Junior and Soldano HR50+ with depth mod, through Mesa Rectifier 4x12 w/ v-30s. Great combination with both amps running. Favorite Guitar: I love them all but my usual go-to guitar is my Goldtop LP...and gasp...it's chambered. Secret Weapon: Maxon OD-820 overdrive pedal for sweet, smooth drive. These are the components of my Holy Grail Tone!!
  13. Great technique and artistry Glenn!! The sound quality wasn't very good so it is tough to say but I would go with highwaynine and say the right panned guitar in the first part was the tube amp, either that or they are both modelers?
  14. Yeah, your example doesnt say much for your amp choice does it?
  15. Overdrive but not too much...like to hear my guitar.
  16. esch

    Tone & LP's

    For LPs more wood does not equal more tone. Think of all the great guitars over the years that had semi hollow bodies or chambered bodies. Just different. I played my swiss-cheesed LP for a while tonight and then picked up my chambered LP...both of which are exceptional examples of each design...and I love them both!! The chambered seems a bit clearer sounding especially in the upper mids, a nice greasy articulate tone with some overdrive added, and the swiss-cheese LP seems a bit more strong in the lower mids which seems more gutsy or thick. Just because the one is heavier doesn't mean it has superior tone. I personally like the weight of my swiss-cheese LP best...but tone-wise they are both monsters.
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