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  1. +1 You buy one because they were the first to create such a beautiful sounding electric guitar that has stood the test of time. Pay homage to the pioneers.
  2. So people who like Les Pauls better than other guitars are...uneducated goofs and fools who don't "get" it. You sir are an arrogant ***.
  3. 60's for sure. Most comfortable especially at the higher frets.
  4. esch

    Daddy Want !!!

    That is fantastic looking. A guitar like that doesn't come along much before it is snatched up. I didn't notice whether you put in the cost or not...but I think I would do it regardless. If it sounds half as good as it looks you're in tone heaven.
  5. Are the mids dimed AXE? I expected it to be more pronounced. Good stuff though!! Definitely a van halen/ scorpions kind of deal. RichCI I f'n love it! It is raw man!! Nice basswork leading into the bridge. Interesting pairing of chorus/verse.
  6. Absolutely. Maybe it's because of hearing loss though ;)/
  7. classic is a standard with binding around the head stock?
  8. esch

    Sanding neck

    Funny because I have thought of doing the same thing...to my $400 Ibanez Artcore the neck is too fat...why not make it into a "project guitar". I would NEVER do that to a Lester. Yikes...it is something you will regret.
  9. Hello Maple, After trying out lots of different overdrive pedals over the years...you could say I've tried them all, and lots of them in an a/b situation to compare tones directly. I'm happy to say I have found the holy grail - MAXON OD-820. I've been using it for over 2 years now and I can confidently say it has earned a permanent place in my pedal line-up. I am getting the smoothest, sweetest sounding overdrive and natural compression I've yet to hear from any effect box. Some revealing comments from a review of the famous high end (and expensive) Klon Centaur going head-to-head against Maxon OD-820 (not quite as expensive but still a high end pedal)... “Headroom, fidelity, and capability of maintaining a strong and vibrant guitar signal.” “The OD-820 wins out in this review hands-down for its combination of quality construction, transparency, value, and overall good tone when playing through a range of gear.” “It felt like I was now playing a guitar and listening to the amp's overdrive, and not feeling like I was playing through a pedal. (absolutely right)“ “Clarity and presence along with strong headroom is available in ample supply.” I can't say enough about how happy I am with this pedal. http://www.maxonfx.com/Vintage_OD820.php http://www.maxonfx.com/NewsOd820_2004LT.php
  10. I haven't seen that style LP before. Very cool. I love the intense grain.
  11. esch

    I love my Les Paul.

    Congrats. Gold top is awesome. Don't get me wrong, I love the visible flame of my honey burst etc. but the gold top has such a classic and classy look without being pretentious or garish. To me it is the epitome of a Les Paul.
  12. Man, most people at a gig or on a recording can't tell whether you're playing a Les Paul or a shitty chinese fake either...does that mean because you can fool most people you might as well save the dough and go with the chinese fake cause it is close enough? Not for me. Like I've said since the beginning, modeling has its applications convenience being the main draw, and I can respect where guys like The Mick are satisfied with it maybe even for everything they do, but for me I'd rather use the real deal and get the corresponding sound even if I have to haul more gear around. How is that getting left in the dust? LOL
  13. It is absurd, I dont think anyone around here is coming across as upper crust or saying that mountains of gear make you a better player. This is about tone and nothing else. If you like your tonelab and it works for you that's great, its a versatile tool which was my original point about modeling being good for various applications but being a trade off. And chongo, sure there are lots of folks who can't tell the difference and that's fine too. If you can't, don't be ashamed. The point is - first- there is a difference obviously it is simple physics, and second - I guess it is for everyone to decide for themselves their own trade offs and for me it is tone. I can't approximate every sound under the sun but I don't care about that any more because I've found the sound that does it for me personally. I started the thread to get some of the opinions out there and maybe help some people who are trying to figure out what kind of gear to buy for themselves.
  14. This comment in a different thread referring to digital amp simulation, inspired a few thoughts of my own. I'd be interested in what you other guys think. Over the years I've tried all manner of amps, tube and solid state, as well as simulators etc. from vox to line 6 and I check out the new technology as it comes available. I was a line 6 whore for quite some time actually...AX212, pod, then podxt, and regretfully I finally sold my beloved old Mesa 50 Cal to buy a Vetta because I was convinced it was the silver bullet. It was great for a while as I experimented with all kinds of different amp models and effects, and even a/b'd them with the real amps. It was a great learning experience as the models are fairly close to the real thing but in the end, tweak as I might, I found them a bit flat and harsh, and lacking in really good harmonic content or something - it was easier to get a thick sound in general and the really pleasing note bloom and controlled feedback from the real tube amps. The new Vetta software still fell short, as did new speaker sims I bought online, and sticking a 12AX7 tube preamp in the signal chain didn't help either. I'm not saying it sounded bad...just not as full sounding. What I did get out of the experience was that I was able to narrow down the basic tones I liked the best, then I went out and bought my two favorites - a mesa dual rectifier and a Soldano! I think digital modeling is great for someone on a budget, for bedroom use, who does a lot of cover songs, or who wants a multitude of sounds and effects without all the cables and power sources and junk, or to easily record into their computer without having to mic an amp for example. As for the argument that tube amps require new tubes periodically and stuff...ooh no, that's so hard...if you can change guitar strings then changing tubes is a piece of cake. The obvious disadvantage with tube amps though is potential degradation of the signal as it travels. Too many effects hooked together can muddy the sound or cause certain frequencies to be lost. But for guys who use little or no effects this isn't an issue. On the other hand, the difficult fact that the digital modeling companies don't broadcast, is that no matter how much the technology improves and how finely the analog signal is chopped up and converted, digital can never be an replica of the original (a physical fact - analog is a continuous waveform and digital is a discrete waveform). Your Les Paul will sound its best through a great tube amp.
  15. My SG-J came with P-94s which I guess would be a bit hotter than P-90s? My understanding is there were only 50 of these guitars made.
  16. esch

    Laughing at Dean

    How about the Soft Tail by Harley Davidson? Or Hard Tail mountain bikes? Anyway, I've been laughing at Dean for many years already and this is just another great reason to do so...
  17. Long & McQuade should have a private room you can get. As well as a very wide selection of guitars and amps. I've always had good experience with them. Just be honest, tell the (manager preferably) staff that you are serious about buying but self conscious about playing in the middle of the sales floor to audition the guitars, need peace and quiet etc., it is an important purchase for you, whatever you want to tell them. You should be able to get them to give you the room for a good while, and with the amp you want to try it with (OR bring in your own amp, as I've done in the past). L&M knows me well as I've bought numerous big ticket items from them so they do give me preferential treatment I suppose, but the only way I got this treatment in the first place was to ASK nicely. As for taking the gear home I'm not sure as they are taking a big risk letting someone do that (damage, etc), I've never asked them to let me do that and really, never felt the need to do it since the private room was always there for me. But I guess its not worth a try. I hope your local L&M is as devoted to great customer service as mine is.
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