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  1. Good luck getting one that looks like that, the one on the GC website certainly doesn't. It's a sweet looking git, if you pull it off I say congratulations! I hope it works out for you.
  2. Looks pretty minor, if you can't live with it call the company you purchased it from and ask for a discount. If they won't give it to you return it.
  3. So much can happen durring shipping. How many major climate changes/humidity changes did it go through, etc... If string buzz is all you have to worry about you have nothing to worry about. A set-up costs about $75.00 depending on where you are located. Call the company you ordered it from, complain about the buzz and mention that Pleked guitars aren't supposed to have string /fret buzz, they will credit your account for the cost of a set-up, take it to your local tech and have it set-up to your liking.
  4. I like it to! Then again I am jonesing for a Lester with P90's in a big way. Looks wise, it reminds me of the old walnut The Paul's from the early 80's. It's not a GT, but looks pretty sweet to me.
  5. I decided to return it. I just couldn't accept the sloppy finish work at this price point. It took a while but my new LP Traditional arrived a couple days ago and it is perfect, except for some minor glue residue where the fretboard joins the body, but it's very minor and I am not worried about it. The burst is lighter, but the top is way better! Depending on the angle it can look like a vintage HCB, honey burst, or even lemon drop burst. So glad that I decided not to settle, and I got the discount on the new one to boot! I will try to post some pictures soon.:-
  6. R9, Is the thicker flame a light burst or a reissue HCB? SWEET git either way. I have seen some of your pics on mlespaul.com as well, you have some sweet bursts!
  7. For me, it goes like this 1) Light burst 2) Teardrop ice tea burst 3) Honey burst 4) Gold top 5) HCB
  8. I'm no expert, but the headstock, fret board, pick-up screws, and placement of the volume & tone knobs are wrong. Is it just me guys, or is this thing WAY OFF?
  9. To the best of my knowledge, no LP Standard has a poly finish. Your guitar should have a nitro finish.
  10. Hello everyone, I just received my LP Traditional light burst. I love the finish and the top has good flame to it. I have seen tops with more prominent flame, but I really like the top on this one. But I digress, my question is about the binding on the neck. Mine does not look quite as clean as I would expect. There are several marks on the top of the binding where it looks like the cutting tool dug in a little and the binding on the fret ends could be more consistent. You have to really be looking to see these "flaws", is this normal? This is the third LP I have owned; a 97 Classic and a 95 special. and I don't remeber any flaws in the neck binding on either. However, my eye may be a little more discriminating now that Les Pauls have doubled in price. I really like the way this guitar looks and it sounds great, but keep going back and forth on wether to return it or not. MF has already given me a 15% discount, but I almost feel like even after the discount this guitar is too expensive to accept anything less than perfection. I would really appreciate some opinions from the forum on this, I definately don't want to return this one just to get another with the same issues. Also, I apologize in advance, I can't post pictures because these flaws don't show up in the pictures I have taken. Thank you for your input!
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