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  1. Greetings I have an American Deluxe strat. It is a great guitar. I really apreciated the fullnes and the warmth of my Gibsons after playing the Strat.The power of the Gibsons are amazing.The Strat has it's place.The are some songs that just sound great with a Strat and it is an very versitle guitar. In this post there are some great looking strats. I saw a great looking Knopfler Start that looks awesome.I would not mind owning one of those.
  2. The ES 335 is a great guitar.It has alot of range for humbucker guitar in terms of versatility.It can rock out or be quite mellow.It has good sustain for a semi-hollow body.It is the Swiss Army Knife of Gibsons I find the 57 to be very warm but they do break up early. If you are into hard rock it is hard to beat an SG. You may want to also consider the SG 61 reissue it is also a great guitar.
  3. Wow watching that video makes me want to grab my ES335 and go buy that amp and learn Jazz! Not a bad price for an Amp of that quality. Dr. Z and yes Messa are more expensive.
  4. Hi First of all thanks for your honesty. Sometimes you do not bond with a guitar.I have had disappointing Fenders and one Gibson that was not great. Strat o Steve is correct on the trade values though.The dealer should a the very least given you trade value in the higher range of a American Deluxe and not a regular standard. Don't get me wrong American Standards are great Guitars for $1000.00 Although , a custom shop GIbson through a quality Tube amp is the holly grail. I have been lucky for the most part my GIbsons have soul,with great tone.I played many versions before purchasing.I learned that lesson years ago and that pretty and color is enough to purchase. I appreciate tone versus the wow factor. It was hard lesson but will worth it. Good luck with your Fender and now you can begin the search for another GIbson .There is one out there with your name on it. If you have not looked at a Custom shop you should consider it.iThey are game changers.
  5. Thanks BIGBENDS Wow that is a nice colour! It would look great under light.
  6. Thanks I thought that greenish color was cool.I was reading a guitar magazine and Lenny Kravitz had this cool SG with a maestro in pelham blue which was more green in color that looked cool. Although my ES335 and 58 Les Paul VOS share a lot of playing time an SG reissue would be a nice addition in the long term. I was thinking of a custom shop tele to replace one that I had sold a few years ago that I regrette selling.I guess I will have to plan for my next GIbson.
  7. Hi When I see pictures of the SG Pelham blue guitars of the past they are green (I like the look).Is that the color they turn with age? I know they had the color out a few years ago. I am wondering if an order was placed through the cutom shop to get the aged color would be possible? I am sure it would not be cheap either the standard colors make more sense or a used modern one would make more economic sense.It is nice to future plan! Has anyone placed a custom order is it a popluar option?
  8. Well I have a 58 VOS, Awesome guitar! But for versitility I may have go with the ES335 Sounds freaken amazing clean or dirty and has a great neck not to mention it is prety comfortable to play. But it is a very tough choice and the 58 has greater sustain and is an amazing beast and is also great to stare at all day.
  9. I love Fender Tube Amps. There I said it! Old saying you can always add dirt! (Pedals) you can't add clean. So it really depends on the music you play.Although I would say that Fenders are not great at Heavy Metal.Also what volumes do you need? I have and ES335 and a 58 VOS Les Paul and they sound Amazing through my 59 Bassman Reissue. I had a Super Reverb that sounded great as the Humbuckers sounded great clean and then wow when you turned her up it just screamed! You may want to look at the Blues Junior. I just got a 22 caliber from Electro Harmonix with a 2X12 Traynor Cab and it is great for Band practice and has some punch with the 2X12's. You will need a pedal to get good dirt but it was cheap and saved my 59 Reissue from travelling to and from practices. The new Vox AC15 is not bad either for a small amp. Enjoy the shopping!
  10. Well I can share in the enjoyment of your decision.We have all been there. Strats are nice (I love Teles). Les Pauls are just plain awesome with a good tube amp.I sold my Strat deluxe to get a Les Paul Standard a few years ago and I have never looked back. In fact I even went out and bought a a 58 VOS(All I can say is wow!) I am still surprised at this tone machine. I went with the Les Paul as I needed (More power)the sustain is fantastic and it is enjoyable to play. If the Lester doesn't do it for you try the ES335 GREAT GUITAR! Gibby's are certainly great to look at with the maple tops It is nice to stare into the finish. If your looking for a great quality single coil Rickenbackers are realy great players with great finish. I would love to have one someday to compliment the Gibbys.
  11. Greetings I understand where you are coming from. However a good Amp is a great tool to have. I have had and still have a Tube Amps that I will never part with. They are just plain awesome. I have an Electro- Harmonix 22 Caliber Amp that is pretty cool. Lots of volume with a 2x12 Traynor cabinet. You Could try something like that for the dollars.Although I have an Eq and other pedals in front of it. I would recommend taking look at it. I has more than enough to keep up with a drummer in a small space. You may have to mike it in larger venues. However they do have the 44 Magnum. But the 22 could get you bedroom levels if required. Nothing beats the sound of a Gibby pushing the tubes. But a solid stater is great backup and practicve amp. My reasons where I need a practice amp that could be portable.
  12. Oh yeah while your testing guitars in that price range you should try an ES335. Something you may want to add to your collection in the future. It looks great amongst Les Pauls.(Lone wolf looking over the sheep))
  13. Confused at the vas models available? I too just recently was pondering. My suggestion is go to a reputable shop and play various models in your range. Ifyou can afford a Custom then your world of custom shop guitars has opend to a new tonal demension. If you can afford a custom then you are in range of a 57 VOS,58,VOS,68 Reissue. All slightly different in neck,color,fret size, but with bumblebee capacitors,tone pots and of course better resale value. I looked at a custom which was great it was nice crisp tone.Itried a 58 VOS and it was for me. You got the dough! Now the best part is have a great time experimenting with Gibson Custom Shop products.It does not get any better than that my friend. The 57 black beauty on the thread is a few bucks more than the custom but an awesome guitar for any collection.You owe it to yourself to check them out. Have fun
  14. Greetings and thanks to all I got it from Long and McQuade. I had an opportunity to pick up a previously owned Faded Tobacco with the tags still on it. But I delayed my decison by 15 Min and it was sold. I was dissappointed. But a contact brought this in and I had a chance to pick-up a 60's VOS in Cherry instead of this 58. I liked the 60's unit it was a good player although the top was nothing special. I have a better top on my standard although there was no comparison in tone and again playablity on the 60's vos. The 58 just spoke to me after plugging it in. The bigger neck is great ! Infact it is a nice change. I find it easier to play. But I will say it ooozzzes quality. Besides fantastic tone it is one great looking piece of wood.
  15. Greetings I just picked up my new 58 VOS today Ice Tea and I am blown away at the beauty and the tone of this monster! I was alittle intimidated by the neck but after 10 min I loved it feels great becasue the action and playablity was awesome.I was a skeptic wondering if there was a difference between the standard and vos version. I and I will say there is a difference. It is keeper! 58VOS ES335 Standard SongWriter D eluxe
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