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  1. Puki

    Les Paul Classic

    They look great! Here's mine: EDIT* About the hotness of the humbuckers, they can always be changed. I changed mine to get more of a vintage tone. :-
  2. If the price is in US dollars, you got a GREAT deal. That was a complete steal, considering the guitar seems in great condition, apart from the broken pickup ring, which is a very cheap fix. Congrats on your new guitar, and I'm not sure if it's an '89, but an expert on this area will confirm that for you, maybe later.
  3. Puki

    The Custom Club

    AWESOME finish man. where did you buy this one? the only ones i find in this finish are the jeff beck and the sparkle.
  4. Puki

    The Custom Club

    whats the name of that color? it's certainly not alpine white. very nice looking.
  5. Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers. Lindy Fralin PAF Seymour Duncan Antiquities. WCR Darkbursts I think Seth Lovers suit you best. Good luck.
  6. Puki

    Thinner body?

    thanks. but doesn't it affect the guitar tonewise? i mean, thicker wood, thicker, fatter tone, i guess. and that's what we like about LP's. am I right?
  7. Puki

    Thinner body?

    is it true that the LP Axcess, apart from having a heel-less neck joint, has a thinner body than other LP's? thanks. edit: i just confirmed that it has, but is it a lot of wood taken?
  8. I have never wanted another guitar, I have been offered Strats (70RI, Clapton Sig.) as well as other guitars for my current guitar and i have always thought that my guitar was the only one I want, until I saw this one. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Custom-Les-Paul-Axcess-Electric-Guitar-105011019-i1424102.gc Les Paul Axcess Gun Metal Grey..
  9. what do "I" think? I think that it looks better with the chrome hardware, but it's just your personal taste. to clarify your question; yeah those items fit in your guitar, good luck ;)
  10. As far as i know, vintage mahogany studios have Burstbucker Pro humbuckers, :)
  11. pippy that guitar is freaking beautiful man!
  12. thanks everyone, btw it isn't new, i bought it two years ago awesome guitar charlie. and sorry about the 1960 reissue mistake :)
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