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  1. I know the Kalamazoo KG guitars don’t have adjustable truss rods. My question is do they have metal rods in the neck at all?
  2. Does anyone know what model of J-45 has the white strip on the end of the body where the rear strap button is mounted? The same white strip like on a Martin D-28? Most every J-45 I've seen just has the normal meeting of the two Mahogany side pieces with nothing there except the strap button. Would this be indicative of a J-45 with rosewood back and sides? Just wondering. Thanks much.
  3. I agree. They make the new J-35 with the vintage rectangular bridge, the period correct number of frets and fretboard tongue on the top (not touching the sound hole) and then add stuff that wasn't on the original like the banner and gold script Gibson logo. I wish they had stained the back and sides as they were on the vintage models. Oh well.
  4. mking

    NGD J45TV

    For one thing they are not the same color. The brown case that comes with the J-45TV is an exact replica of the case that came with the guitar back in the 1940s. The Sweetwater case is a dark brown. Nice case but not the vintage looking one.
  5. mking

    NGD J45TV

    I have a 2007 and I immediately got a new case. That brown over pink case in itself is worth a lot. You can't buy them. You can find black Gibson cases all day long but Gibson doesn't offer the brown one for sale. Just an FYI comment. You are really going to grow to love that guitar!
  6. I just sent you a message with my e-mail address. Thanks
  7. I have a K&K Sound Pure XLR preamp for sale. If interested, send me a message. Thank you
  8. Looks original to me. Looks like the one on my 1947 LG-2.
  9. I love the white button tuners. I have a line on a 2001 J-45 and the fellow changed out the white tuners for Grovers. I want to put it back original, I am concerned the holes in the headstock may have been drilled out bigger to fit the Grovers (the seller says he did not). I just don't know if that is a modification that one has to do in order to install the Grover roto-matics and I would like to know if anyone has done this change out.
  10. Have any of you changed the white button tuners for the Grover tuners like those that come on a J-45 Standard? My question is, to install the Grovers, do you have to drill/enlarge the holes on the headstock? Thanks.
  11. Probably the best advice on this thread.
  12. One bit of information, as a side note. More often than not, when a seller has had an instrument listed as "no returns accepted", I've still reached out to the seller and asked if they would go for a 24 hour approval period, I would of course pay the shipping back, and most of the time the seller has agreed to it. HOWEVER, if you ask, do it through the site e-mail system (eBay or Reverb), that way it is documented the seller agreed to the approval period just in case there becomes a difference of what was agreed upon.
  13. I saw Gordon Lightfoot at the Portsmouth Amphitheater in Portsmouth Virginia on June 26, 2010 and there was NOTHING wrong with his voice, his stamina, or his performance! In all my 63 years this is without a doubt one of the most magical concerts I've ever attended, and I've attended a lot! So, to hear that he is still going strong is so good to know. Those of you out there that have not seem him in concert, try and do so.
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