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  1. http://davesguitar.com/gibson-memphis/es-359-11002.asp ES-359 in Pelham blue. I guess this is new?
  2. Ebony? i can't find any info on it. Is Gibson making this? Looks sweet!
  3. It's great that you can actually now access it from the Gibson website under the product section. They just had the microsite before. There actually is a lot of info there now on the site. I like it! A handful of reviews, too. No surprise. All 10's.
  4. Pricing is down, too. At least at Guitar Center. It had been $1799 for a while, then they jacked up the price to $1999 last year. The GC website still has it listed at $1999, but their May catalog has it now for $1799. If you've been waiting for one, now's the time!
  5. It is replaceable, so customizing it isn't a bad idea. You could always switch back the the stock one if (God forbid) you get rid of it. Are replacement truss rod covers for an ES-339 easy/cheap to find? BTW - I think 'weeladdie' would be much better for an engraving...
  6. It's $900 more than a "standard" ES-339. What's different on it (except for the color) to justify the price?
  7. What Clayville is saying makes sense. On this forum last year, the same question came up and speculation was that it was because this was (is?) exclusive to GuitarCenter/Musician's Friend. Pug - I had the same impression (that it was discontinued), so I snapped one up right away. It doesn't show up under products for Gibson or Gibson Custom. Gibson.com has the ES-359, which is an upgraded version of the ES-339. But, they're still making them and have new colors (Pelham Blue/Inverness Green). You see references that people buy them at other stores. Not sure if those are second hand, or if Gibson is now distributing these through more stores. Either way, it should be on their website. All this typing makes me want to play right now (unfortunate for the kids). Gotta go!
  8. Pelham Blue looks great. But, is color the only difference? For the money, I'll stick with my antique vintage sunburst.
  9. 339 is more versatile, suited to what you'll play. And, it's not as big.
  10. Congrats! Perhaps that's the first ES-339 in Croatia?
  11. TheGibsonGuy


    A few good threads in this forum about it. Here are a few: http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=6557 http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=9079 http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=16900
  12. I think his block 335 is now on GC's website. It's in Towson, MD. http://used.guitarcenter.com/usedgear/index.cfm . Do a keyword search on 05556163 .
  13. Congrats! It's an AWESOME guitar. I have the same one that you do and love it. Just finished polishing it - sometimes it's great just looking at it...
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