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  1. Thanks guys, i will be most likely be getting a studio, but i will definately try them all out, as well as other guitars. and to gibsonbybirth, as funny as it may seem, you did help me realise that i probably won't appreciate a more expensive les paul and to make it clear, i do know stuff about guitar, i meant that i don't know specifics, such as different types of woods, chambered bodies, etc... anyways thanks guys for your help
  2. Right now, i'm planning on saving up for a new guitar, and i'm having trouble which one. I'm 90% sure i'll be getting a les paul, nothing is set in stone yet, but i can't decide between a Les Paul Studio, Les Paul 2008 Model, Les paul Standard, or a Les Paul Custom. I don't know that much about guitars, so a simple compare and contrast will be fine. I will for sure be changing the pickups, so whtever pickups come on it won't have a effect on my decision. I play mostly 90's music, punk, alt rock... if that makes any difference, and like i said before, nothing is set in stone, so if you have a sugesstion about another guitar, that would be great also. right now, my vote is going towards the les paul studio, for it being the cheapest and is having the color i want, Wine Red...
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