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  1. No, these are Alnico 2 magnets. I know that SG Classic models have P90s with Alnico 5s in them. Mine isn't SG Classic. It's SG 67 Special Reissue GOTW. In any case, I just ordered a P90 set from Vintage Vibe Guitars. Can't wait to hear them on my SG through Marshall. I used to have 2 SGs all with HBs. I think SG sounds much more like an SG with P90s... whatever that means. ;)
  2. Thanks. That's a great idea. I found Alnico 4 magnet here: http://www.rsguitarworks.net/rsstore/product_info.php?cPath=45_68&products_id=297 Would this do the job?
  3. Thanks for the info. Didn't realize that these P90s were identical. I think I will change the pups... maybe Fralin's humcancelling P90s? :)
  4. Thanks! :) I think I'll try to swith out the bridge volume pot to 500K this weekend... Should give me more output. Let's see what happens.
  5. I tried to raise the bridge P90 until the screw came off. :o It was one of those Guitar of the Week stuff from 2007. If I'm not mistaken, they only made 400 of the SG 67 RI. You can find them on eBay time to time. It's basically the same guitar as SG Classic but with a smaller pickguard and P90s with Alnico 2 (instead of Alnico 5).
  6. Gents I recently purchased Gibson SG 67 Special Reissue GotW. with dual P90s (Alnico 2). Lovely sound... especially the clean neck pickup! I noticed that the bridge pickup has less output than the neck pickup even after a pickup height adjustment. I'm not sure if the pots are 300K or 500K on this model. If the current volume pots are 300K, would it fixed the problem if I switch out the bridge volume pot with 500K? I did hear that many guys are switching the pots to 500K on their SG Classic, though. Thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for the help! Since I don't know how to work with wood or router, I'd better stay away from any routing work myself. As for getting the Classic model, I'm not so into the dot inlays... Just esthetic issue but still. :-
  8. Hello gents Long time, no posting... I was wondering if SG Std and SG Classic have the same pickup routing that allows both humbucker and P90 under the pickguard...? If so, I might go for a Std and mount P90s. Thanks in advance.
  9. I held one up off the hanger but didn't bother to play it. It felt heavier than my LP custom which weighs around 11Lb.
  10. Gents What's the tuning ratio of the tuners on '57 RI LP Goldtop 2004 model? 14:1???
  11. "Small hands = 60s, big hands = 50s" doesn't really apply to me. Like them both, but 50s feels more sturdy and stable for me.
  12. You need both. You need a black LP for sure. Then go for a GT. If you go for an ebony, go for a custom LP black beauty. I'm not a big fan of a Std. LP in ebony. As for GT, LP Deluxe GT would be nice.
  13. On a fake LP saddle you can adjust the height with a flat head screw driver. On a real thing, you have to adjust the height by turning the washer underneath it.
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