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  1. Bonjour, il faudrait que tu me communiques le n° gravé sur le manche cordialement
  2. ma guitare http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/24303-double-neck-machines-heads/
  3. Bonjour Denis95 Si tu fais cette modification, passes par un customshop ou un luthier compétent il y a quelques années j'ai acheté une copie Les Paul (épiphone), j'ai fait mettre des micros gibson avec une électronique qui pouvais permettre tout se dont tu parles avec en plus des potentiomètres push-pull donc a priori cela est possible mais modifier une Les Paul de 1978 (elle a 32 ans, le même âge que ma double manche) c'est peut être un peu dommage (elle doit avoir du gros son) tiens nous au courant cordialement
  4. second question! the person who sold the guitar to me said that it's a special series: it is lighter than normal one ... do you think that this serie exist? I weighed the guitar : just 5.0 kg i am going to change the machine heads button NeoConMan you look like Scrat Neo, everything is right, thank's a lot
  5. hello everybody that's it cheers
  6. my guitar is back photos to come excellent french luthier !! no regard for me , only for the guitar excellent work !!! patrick
  7. the guitar is in a luthier I chose mini schaller photos to come I'm going to repair the old one by watchmaker cheers
  8. i have found two possibility on http://www.wdmusic.com/kluson_6_on_plate_nickel.html KLUSON® 6 ON PLATE NICKEL Item #: SD91MLN L Kluson® six on a plate replacement tuners for Gibson® 12 string, Explorer® , non-reverse Firebirds® , Trini Lopez®, Epiphone® 12 string Riviera®, etc. Use with SD91MLN R for 12 string applications. KLUSON® 6 ON PLATE NICKEL - DOUBLE ROW - OVAL METAL BUTTON Item #: SD91MLN L DR Kluson® 6 On a Plate Tuners in Nickel/Oval Metal Button. Replacement for Gibson® 12 string, Explorers®, Non-Reverse Firebirds®, Trini Lopez®, Epiphone® 12 string Riviera®, etc. "Kluson® Deluxe" is stamped in 2 lines on casing. Use with SD91MLN R DR for 12 string applications. I do not understand what it means : "double row" thank you in advance oups also : good thanksgiving
  9. yes Bud-T-123, i am 53 years old ....so seventeen guitars only gibson, martin and ovation ! my son is a guitar teacher : i have bought epiphone (for the biginning) and JS satriani (ibanez) combo marschall and line 6 (spider valve 112) and two f(u)ck(i)ng vintage hands and ten f(u)ck(i)ng vintage fingers greetings
  10. i have send mail to klusons and to thomann i wait ... and i tell the answer to you Dub-T-123 : Dunlop Crybaby is definitively the best (the old one) greetings ps 1 : i am going to send an email to groover so ps 2 : if i find unused tuners (machines heads) i am going repaired to the old by my watch (a man who's repair watch)! english is no easy !!!!
  11. natural colors look on the chair a french cock is the only animal that sings feet in the sh(i)t [crying]
  12. first : really thank's to you for according interest to my post two : i have put new chords on the six strings but the machines head are moving (( greetings
  13. I oiled the handle of the six strings to feed the wood. i am going to do th same thing to the twelve strings.
  14. tomorrow i sent pictures with natural light thank's to you
  15. more pictures the machines head move after according !!! this model look like special ? greetings
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