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  1. [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9TGj2jrJk8[/YOUTUBE] worse song ever created in the history of time and space. Rap music also makes me wanna put a large nail in my ear.
  2. [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiGRpm6Tf3I[/YOUTUBE] Anything 80's rock would work
  3. Take away Steve Vai's whammy bar and hes nothing but a average guitar player imo. Malmsteen ftw!
  4. The Pc dominates all consoles. ..I've had a Ps3 since launch and have yet to play a good game with it. If it didn't have a blu-ray player i would have sold it long ago
  6. While shes no Kate Beckinsale I voted for Hilary which i find to be normal looking at best.. Kate Beckinsale stopped by the other day...and used my bathroom(late night Taco bell run)..she didn't even has the decency to turn the fan on! ...that really pisses me off!
  7. Ok. Btw does your mom make you hot pockets for lunch?
  8. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE] Want some slaw..with that wine?
  9. That coming from a guy with over 5000 posts.. ...lmao! get a job :)
  10. You just dont get it. And It's ok I'm glad you dont. according to you the "New Kids on block are better than Jimmi Hendrix because they sold more ....gotta run..idiots are lurking
  11. Whoops..you used the child word...gotta run. I know how old you are now..14? Go listen to some NickelBack...wait you probably like them ,because they sell a lot of cd's.
  12. Only a total idiot thinks more of a bad thing is better than less of a good thing. when you grow up you'll understand this ..the pic. of your dog is lame.. go buy 100 more dogs because according to u more is better ..right? You are the type of person i wish would leave the planet. enjoy your Britney spears and Jonas Brothers cd's.....lol!
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