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  1. shut up gay you i dont made you to read it.
  2. thanks man. but i thinks i will go with the studio because i care about the sound not about the beauti thanks(:
  3. thank you man but my only question is if the standard woth it?
  4. no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guys my friend and i from the same user name he have a wine red studio and we are in the same band and i want to buy a new guitar and he is recomended on the les paul.
  5. no my friend and i posting things from the same user name
  6. hii guys i about to buy a new les paul, and i have enought money to buy the studio. my question is: there is a sound difference if there is same pickups on both?. what is the price difference what am i paying for 2000$ more? i playing with my band shoud i save money for the standard or buy the studio? and can i preformence with the studio? thanks guys(:
  7. looks fake to me i have a wine red studio i know how it shoud to look. not loke right to me. sorry
  8. what do you guys thinking is the best les paul model?
  9. http://i789.photobucket.com/albums/yy173/guitarman5/124.jpg lemon burst. but it doesnt have binding around it.
  10. wich guitar is this one it doesnt have binding?
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