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  1. 2011 Limited Edition Gibson SG Special Humbucker
  2. One of these may solve the problem. And without drilling. I put one on a Flying V with plain old stock Vintage tuners and have never had a tuning issue once it's restrung correctly and the strings stretched properly. And the guitar can be returned to stock condition with no drill holes if you'd like. GIBSON TP-6 Fine Tuning Tailpiece- https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Hardware/PTTP-Stopbar-Tailpiece
  3. The Axcess first came out in 2008. Just about the time the pictures were taken. They were offered in two colors: Gunmetal Grey & Iced Tea Burst. http://archive.gibson.com/en-us/Lifestyle/ProductSpotlight/NewModels/les-paul-axcess-standard-the-s/
  4. The most obvious difference between the Bucket Head Les Pauls and the usual Les Paul model is it's bigger 27" scale. And I would imagine an original Bucket Head Les Paul case would be hard to find if you need one, since a regular aftermarket case or gig bag would be too small.
  5. New Gibson models sometimes have a "model lineup" name or category associated with them to distinguish them from previous or other new models. Recently, there had been an "HP", or High Performance line with certain specs, and a Traditional line with more "vintage" specs. etc. Here's a page with some 2019 Gibson "Modern" collection models. https://www.gibson.com/Guitars/Les Paul
  6. So you knew the scratch would be there? You sounded surprised at the condition in the original post. Photos from their "Gallery" show the exact guitar with serial number that you will get. As opposed to just a standard picture of a guitar when you click on a unit under "Electric Guitars". At least that's the way it used to be. If the picture/serial number you saw in their Gallery and ordered doesn't mach the actual condition or serial number of the guitar you received, then that's a problem worth returning it over.
  7. Wow! That's pretty cool that you can find out so much info about your instrument and talk to actual previous owners. Good luck.
  8. Did you pick that from Sweetwater's Guitar Gallery? Usually, you get to see the exact guitar you're buying there. If it looked OK in the Gallery, but you got that instead, then send it back. That's the whole reason for being able to see your purchase prior to delivery. If you just ordered a guitar without seeing a particular guitar you wanted and got that, well it could have been worse.
  9. You said you purchased this 3rd hand. More than likely, a previous owner (Probably the first) already registered it. Just like the message said.
  10. Well, they're takin' pre-orders at Chicago Music Exchange: https://www.chicagomusicexchange.com/products/gibson-2017-usa-gary-clark-jr-signature-sg-gloss-yellow-pre-order
  11. Is this what you're talking about? Very common on those finishes.
  12. I'm thinking the difference between 49.2mm & 50mm on the neck position cover will still get the job done. FROM GIBSON.COM store: http://store.gibson.com/neck-humbucker-cover/ "An original OEM replacement or restoration pickup cover that fits perfectly over any neck position Gibson humbucker, with a measurement of 50 mm..." http://store.gibson.com/bridge-humbucker-cover/ "An original OEM replacement or restoration pickup cover that fits perfectly over any bridge position Gibson humbucker, with a measurement of 52 mm..."
  13. An original OEM replacement pickup cover that fits over any neck position Gibson humbucker, has a measurement of 50 mm between the centers of the outside poles. A bridge position Gibson humbucker, with a measurement of 52 mm between the centers of the outside poles.
  14. You don't have to swap-out the hardware if you know what you want. You can buy a Gibson with: Locking Grover kidney-button tuners. Chromed aluminum Tune-O-Matic and aluminum stop bar. You just have to buy the model that comes with these upgrades.
  15. Remember that when you get a "reissue", it will come with the original specs. Even some Custom shop guitars will come with "Gibson Deluxe" tuners, etc. if that's what's period correct. There are other models that come with the upgrades from the factory. http://www.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/2017/USA/SG-Standard.aspx
  16. I don't. But when you have a problem like the OP, it's nice to have options.
  17. With one of these, a decently cut nut and some Nut Sauce or a good lubricant like Tri-Flo, pinching and popping shouldn't be a problem.
  18. A lot of players feel that the stock pickups on some Flying V's and Explorers are one trick ponies only good for high output playing. While for the most part that may be true, probably because they are running at full volume, I like to think that these pickups are capable of high output, but can easily be rolled back. Some nice cleans can be had by rolling off the volumes with both pickups selected. Also, putting covers on these normally open-coil pickups takes just a little bit of the edge off. Now, between the "T", "HP" and Faded models, the stock pickups vary from `57 Classics with Burstbucker 3's, sets of high output "Dirty Fingers', Burstbucker Pro Rhythm and Lead, to the traditional 496R & 500T's on the Explorer HP etc.
  19. The pickups aren't active. But can be boosted an "additional 15 db through a mini-switch which replaces the second volume knob". This is different from active pickups which can sound flat and non, "organic". The "boost" would be more like a pre-amp pedal. https://youtu.be/7HK09Peg0gg
  20. Good hunting to you. Hope you find the one you're looking for
  21. Very narrow neck at the nut on these. Probably a good match to Angus's small hands. These rarely show up on the open market. Here's one that seems to have come up recently: https://reverb.com/item/3265844-gibson-sg-angus-young-custom-shop-vos-2009-angus-cherry?_aid=pla&pla=1&gclid=CNHMo-DHi9ACFQhrfgod9u4JCA
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