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  1. Hi guys, I haven't used this forum in ages (though it was favorite thing in the world years ago!!). It's so nice to see that things are still running and still look the same though. I need some advice, and knew if I was gonna get it anywhere, it'd be this forum. I'm selling a Gibson SG Robot in Metallic Green that's damaged (I'm talking like doesn't make sound through the amp, doesn't automatically tune, ect.) However, it's super beautiful/in mint condition on the exterior. I bought it for about $1300 a few years back and just put it for sale for $275 on Craigslist and was BOMB
  2. I play pretty quiet with my family around all the time. But when they leave I turn that Badboy up all the way and act like a Rock Star.
  3. Wow even though I own more than 12 Les Paul's, this thread is making me want to run out and buy an SG. Awesome guitars guys.
  4. I think I may have fallen in LOVE with that Les Paul Custom
  5. You got that right Love 'em to death.
  6. I love my Robot as well. Cool guitars for the money.
  7. Killer SG you got there. Here's my Baby's...
  8. Same. Except I got a couple of accesories.
  9. +1 I'd go with the Studio. But....then again, we are on a Gibson forum so..... I bet the Ernie Ball fanatic's would say to buy the Ernie Ball guitar. Only a Gibson's good enough.
  10. Really just depends on your preferences. I mean I know some guys with small hands that love the feel of a 50's neck and some guys with big hands that love the feel of a 60's neck. If I were you, I would go to a Guitar Shop and try both out to see which you like better. Everyone is different. And regarding which model to buy I second the recommendation of the Les Paul Classic's and Classic Antique's. Great guitars for the money. Hope you enjoy your new guitar. Play her till her electronic's are dead, Headstock is broken, and frets are falling off. Only a Gibson's good enough.
  11. Looks Okay to me. And as far as I know, usually the word written next to Les Paul on the Headstock would be Model. Might be that just some letters have completely faded. I don't know much about serial number's, but I'm sure a Gibson expert here can help you out.
  12. I'm recording real instruments so yeah I'm think I'm going to need to invest in a mic. Thank You for the link and to answer your question TG, I'm going to mainly record Vocals, and Guitars, and one reason why I really wanted a Software is so I could make beats and such to play with My Guitar and Vocals.
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