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  1. Are you selling your yellow Doublecut Lp or did this guy steal your picture?? http://cgi.ebay.com/Gibson-Les-Paul-Special-TV-Yellow-with-Hard-Case_W0QQitemZ220547631557QQcmdZViewItemQQptZGuitar?hash=item3359a9c9c5
  2. How about the Studio Deluxe? It's got a very similar finish to the traditional pro and has coil taps I believe (Correct me if I'm wrong). I own one and it's amazing.
  3. Wow that is one BEAUTIFUL Les Paul. Congratz, I'm jealous.
  4. I like the overall look........it almost looks like a Studio Deluxe with a wine red finish. Cool, if they're under like 2500, I'd probably look into it. Though I don't exactly like the headstock design................
  5. Come on.......none of you guys have anyyy opinions on Muse??
  6. I think they have a very unique sound. I really like it. What do you guys think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtsqT3nOVno
  7. I like the flame! Very nice.......I was actually considering buying one yesterday.
  8. My first guitar was a Strat copy. It sucked and I got it when I was 8. 2nd was a Mitchell Acoustic, this one I had for 2 years and it was OK. 3rd was a Epiphone Les Paul 100 this one was decent 4th was a Gibson sg standard this was an amazing guitar and got me hooked to gibsons. and the list goes on................
  9. Check this out: http://dallas.en.craigslist.org/mdf/msg/1576509529.html
  10. No it is always the same drill.......they ask a question, get our expert advice, and leave..........Their loss......SUCKERS
  11. +1 to R9,it is the sad truth........Gibson will sell the guitars for as much as they can, but hey thats buisness. JP is probably one of the best sponsers a guitar company can have (Profit-Wise). I swore that I would never buy anything over 5000 because (don't kill me here) that is WAY too much for a guitar because most wise players that have been through alot know.....The guitar doesn't make the player, the talent does. No matter if you're playing a Squier Hello Kitty Strat or a 1959 Les Paul, if you have talent, that guitar will sound good (Even if played through a Spider...lol)
  12. I agree with you guys. Lady Gaga Has some serious talent...........I mean she's different........Most performers just get on stage, sing, then get off. She works HOURS and sometimes WEEKS just for one performance. I mean she's had 6 singles in less than one year........you've got to admit that's preety incredible......even if she's a man. Even Michael Jackson, the KING of Pop wanted to perform with her. Not to be offensive like at ALL but most of you guys will never accomplish something like that in your life, only a select few will have 6 MILLION albums sold in 15 months on a DEBUT album. I d
  13. Looks legit, but I would go see it in person just to make sure.
  14. They are pretty good guitars for the money if you play in multiple tunings on a regular basis, at least that's why I bought mine. But, if you don't play multiple tunings on a regular basis i don't see why you would need the robot.......unless you don't know how to tune. BUT, honestly if you don't know how to tune you wouldn't need a Gibson anyways and are better off with a Epi.......
  15. I've had this scenario as well........but like deepblue said go for tone first, then looks. Actually with my lastest aquisition (Studio Deluxe) I bought it mainly on it's sound. I played everything from the JP #2 ;) (Which was my second choice) to the Melody Maker........I had a $3000 budget and to me the Deluxe just sounded better......and I was also able to buy a big Carvin amp too. So......like I was saying, listen to the people on these forums, they don't lie and give you great advice. :)
  16. Thanks guys I'll try to contact Gibson, and IF it does disrupt the tuning function, I'll be sure to try ur technique Klaushouz. Thanks Guys ;)
  17. I have a Gibson SG Standard Ltd. Ed. Robot in green (srry couldn't find the section for this particular guitar) and I was wondering if you could change the pickup or would that disrupt the self tuning function??? The pickups are a bit too hot for me.......and I wanted to change them to something abit for classic rock instead of hard rock. Can you guys help me?
  18. Beautiful grain. Enjoy her and have fun.
  19. That has got to be one of the most pathetic Gibson fakes I've ever seen..........
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