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  1. Back in the box' date=' troll. I mean that in the nicest way. FYI: The word "again" implies that something has been done before. Your number of posts, being "1", seems to cast some doubt on your honesty from the first sentence. That said, you may really have the honest opinion that Fenders are better than Gibsons. I'm sure that the fact that you've got an opinion about something is thrilling for everyone.


    Out of curiosity, do any of the members here feel any compulsion to go over the Fender site and opine about how much better Gibsons are than Fenders? I doubt it. I guess the age of the average poster here is somewhere above 12 years old.


    My opinion: The color blue really blows away the color green. Anyone who doesn't believe it, is just not paying attention. :)


    +1 Everyone has an opinion, and obviously the people here like Gibson's. BUT that doesn't mean we don't like Fender's as well. Most members on this forum have or do own Fender's. I have owned over 8 Fender's, but that doesn't mean I limit my playing to just one guitar or one brand. [biggrin]

  2. I agree with CB. The Casino and Sheraton are completely different beasts and I suggest you play them both. I, however having owned both, prefer the Casino because the tone and growl of the P-90's are something I look for in a guitar. But, you shouldn't rule out other models such as the Dot, Lucille, and the Rivera P-93 as others said before. If you're just choosing between the Casino and Sheraton, I suggest that you play them both and decide from there.

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