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  1. Awesome looking Trad you got there. Congrats.
  2. That's beautiful.......I wish I had the cash.
  3. Never Smoked........never have, never will.
  4. Beautiful SJ! I love the finish.
  5. Nice! I love the white finish! One of my favorite SG finishes, and I also love the ebony fretboard. Congratz ;)
  6. You made the right choice. You can't go wrong with a Gibson Les Paul
  7. I actually would buy a reliced guitar, just as long as it's not overdone. I mean, some guitars look good with relicing, but some guitars on the market look like they've been throw on the ground, and abused. I'm sure many guitar players willing to pay 3,000-25,000 dollars for a guitar would like one that looks new, and not one that looks like a $100 junker.
  8. The Custom is all about looks, and sounds great too. If you're on a budget, then the Standard is the way to go. The Standard is a great guitar for the money, especially if you buy used. But, if money isn't an issue, then I'd go for the Custom. I have both, but if I had to choose I'd go for the Custom, just based on the fact that the custom would be harder to replace. (more $)
  9. I have an SG Robot (If that counts) and I love it. The tuning option is great for gigs, and it's a really well made guitar. Like DiamondJig said, it has some custom features including an Ebony Fretboard (Which is a Personal Favorite of Mine), Neck and Headstock Binding, and some great sounding pickups. I personally love it, and I bought it for $1100 (American) and it has the Classic SG sound that every player strives for.
  10. I love the feel of a good ebony fretboard.
  11. I was thinking about ordering a Custom Martin, and I was just wondering if any members have done this before?? :) Were you satisfied with your purchase? Thanks, Gibson4Life
  12. I like to have (as unhealthy as it is) cookie cake, but normally I'll just have some lightly salted chips and yogurt.
  13. Good Job. I like Tele's actually I think they have a unique sound, same goes for strats but, that's just my two cents.
  14. My Babe and my new addition, a 1960 reissue
  15. Here's my '62 reissue....... and here's my Tele....
  16. You got good taste, and you got everything you need:a LP, Sg, and a Strat.
  17. Wow I love the grain, and it's not orange like most Standards. Congrats, play her till she can't be played.
  18. I read that in GP, and I have to say, it's pretty crazy he would say that......ecspecially since he has a 25,000 Signature Les Paul.
  19. For me, I understand that someone would want a guitar that plays like their hero's guitar, like the Pearly Gates for example. The Price may be high, but......how much would it cost for an actual 1959 Les Paul? Alot more. So even though Sig's are not my cup of tea, I get that some people buy Sig's.
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