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  1. For some' date=' a GC is the only Gibson dealer that is local. I bought my 339 from Musicians Friend (same Company) unseen and it was shipped to me and was perfect, even the setup was nearly dead on.


    If I didn't have any other Gibson dealer within several hours, I'd buy from them, just do your homework.


    Some people live in rural areas and don't have a lot of options. A good guitar is a good guitar, who cares who sold it.[/quote']


  2. Following on from a brief couple of posts on another thread I've just spent a very enjoyable few hours with Flight959 and five Les Pauls - two Historic re-issues (R9 and R0)' date=' a Slash TBSB Sig and a pair of '1960 Classics'.


    What came across most strongly was how different five guitars, all in essence built to the same design, can sound and feel so very different from each other.


    This is the proof, if proof were needed, of why we 'must have' more than one LP![/quote']

    +1 But, It's pointless to have more than one of the same guitar. I'm fine with like more than 1 Lp but Come On, 3 Les Paul Customs!? [-([lol]

  3. I, personally, look for a different sound in each guitar. Much like Jamman and FirstMeasure, I do have duplicate guitars (2 LP's) but they sound completly different. What I, personally find annoying is when someone only has 1 kind of guitar (Example:All LP's, All Sg's, ect.) That is just a collection, and I could not really picture a player/gigger, owning 20 Les Pauls. But I don't really mind if they all have a completely different sound, but if you have 7 Les Paul Customs, I find that ignorant. So, I agree, it's Need, Vanity, And Obsession. Though, some people, (Musicians That tour year-round) could actually need 5-10 guitars. BUT, any collection over 15 guitars is an obsession.

  4. Yes, Gibson does have a plan. I'll try to be more specific.

    -For all the signature models: They try to get the most over-rated guitar "gods" to sign with them, with hopes that the fans of that certain guitar "god" will pay whatever price neccessary to have something their idol has signed or likes.

    -For Standards: The price you pay for Gibson's is indeed insanely high, but the reason is because they often charge you 2-3X the price it cost to make. For Example, The new Epiphone Les Paul Tribute has ALL the standard Gibson stuff for only $800. So to put that in perspective, how much would you pay for a GIBSON with those specs? Around $2500. And Thats ALL because Gibson thinks it's loyal customers will be willing to pay that price for the same EXACT guitar only with a different name on the headstock.(WTF Henry?)

    -For Customs: Same Pickups as Studios WTF ($1200). Now why would a $4000 and a $1200 guitar have the same pickups? Because People WILL pay that much to have the so-called "Legend". SO if your willing to pay about $2800 more for binding, you're insane. Because the Studios have the same finish options, the only VISABLE difference? Inlays.

    Detailed enough?

    BTW: The ONLY reason I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom? Got it from a Friend for $1500. I ONLY buy used Gibsons. Period.

  5. When I was younger, I always loved the look and feel of Gibson's. Then when I was 14 years old, after 6 years of playing, I had saving up $1500. So I went to my local store and tried out EVERY guitar in the store, and I got my first Gibson, a Gibson Les Paul Studio, my 2nd guitar. And the rest.........is history. :(

  6. Missing a few in the picture' date=' the Red 770Dx was at Ibanez USA getting worked on at the time, the Jem will not be here until June and also missing a few other Iby's that I really don't use or the Famous Hello Kitty Strat.


    [b']Now it takes a real man to play a Hello Kitty live, you should have seen the band when it showed up the first time. Basically it was, R u F-ing serious[/b]?


    I'll Bet!! [biggrin]

  7. Hey, I'm new to the Epiphone Forums because I'm usually on the Gibson Forums but since I have 4 Epiphones, I thought I'd join the Epiphone community as well. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone on the forum had an Epiphone Texan. I love mine, but I want to hear what other members had to say about their Texans. [biggrin]

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