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  1. Thanks man! I tried out the music man Jp50(sterling model cheaper version) I liked it a lot! So Ima buy that knowing the kramer has a thicker neck, I have heard from a friend it was like a Epi les paul and wanted to see if it was true thank you a lot! :)
  2. My local guitar center does not have this guitar available and I want to know what kind of neck does it have, is it the same as an ibanez neck such as the wizard(1,2, or 3) or a les paul neck?(I heard it was like a les paul neck) i want to know how thin it is because if I am going to buy it(and chose over the sterling JP50 satin black) i want it to have a thin neck. I wouldn't be able to play it and I could only buy it online unfortunately.
  3. Thanks! Now is that just for a certain style or everything? I love rock n roll and classic as well as metal(Iron maiden, Running Wild, Judas Priest, Slough Feg, Black Sabbath, Tarot etc.) so it will suit well right? The EMG's also are in A LOT of ESP's guitars, especially the 81/85 i was surprised at how many they have even the more expensive models. Is it true having the metal part on the pickup holding back the pup's tone? Some guy said that it does.(the metal cover looking thing on the Alnico Classic humbucker)
  4. Im deciding between an Epiphone Explorer ($499) or an ESP LTD Viper-401FM($479) And the pickups on the Explorer are Alnico Classic Humbuckers, and I love abosulutely love the Explorer look! And the viper(has the EMG's) has a cool look but not as good as the Explorer, for me to decide which im gonna get is the pickups and I can't tell which is better or know any difference could anyone please tell me?
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