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  1. Is it possible to buy dual blade minihumbuckers (found in those 70's tribute guitars)? Would they fit in the Gibson Firebird V (to replace the ceramic pickups)?
  2. If Gibson made the Clapton Fools SG model now, it would sell well, I think.
  3. Another factor to consider is "at what volume you want to play?" I have some experience with some of the amps mentioned and many of them are quite loud (e.g., Marshall Class 5). I should mention that Blackstar 5HT is versatile but very bright sounding. I turn down "treble" way down when I use that amp.
  4. "... the same"? Their physical dimensions are relatively close. So, one would imagine that you can put a Firebird stye minihumbucker into the slot designed for a LP deluxe type minihumbucker. HOWEVER, the constructions of the two pickups are VERY DIFFERENT. FB style minihumbuckers do not have individual pole pieces. You can search the internet for more complete information. It is said that vintage FB minihumbuckers are more like single coil pickups and they are not like recent ceramic magnet pickups in the current production FB line.
  5. The pedals would do "preamp distortion/saturation". But, to get that magical sweet overdrive sound, you would need both pre and power amp saturation? If you want to get power saturation, you would have to crank up all the way (you may need a low wattage amp).
  6. The whole beano album is great. But, the first two pieces are spectacular - "All of your love" and "Hideaway"
  7. I have a few low wattage tube amps and my favorite is Blackstar HT-5 head (hooked up to a Marshall 4 x 12 cab). It is very versatile.
  8. Epi Valve Jr, Blackstar, etc may be too loud still. I have an Epi Valve Jr and it is very loud - too loud for evening/morning practice. My solution was to buy a 1 watt tube amp (RockBlock) and plug it into a Marshall 4x12 cabinet. It sounds good. I expect that a Zvex nano head will be ok, too. If you buy one of those small amps, you will need a different setup/amp if you want to gig.
  9. Every guitar/situation is different. Although I am not fond of GC stores generally, I bought a Traditional Pro several weeks from a local GC store, in part because I had to touch/smell/feel what I was to going to buy. The intonation of the guitar I did buy was slightly off but it was easy to adjust. Everything else was fine. I guess that I just got lucky. I am impressed with my Tradition Pro, a good value, I think.
  10. I have not played a FB studio. But I do own a FB V. I may add that the stock ceramic minihumbuckers may not be the most popular minihumbuckers around. Many (at least some) FB owners replace these high output ceramic minihumbuckers with lower output ALNICO minihumbuckers. I did. I have been told that the original FBs of the '60s with minihumbuckers do not sound like the current FB with ceramic minihumbuckers.
  11. I suspect that true '61 reissues will not be well liked. For example, those sideway vibrato units? I have not found too many positive comments about them (for that matter, I have never seen a photo of an original 61 SG with a stop tail). I think 63 or 64 reissues with/without lyre units may be better received.
  12. Shaker


    I use a small 1 watt tube amp ("Rock Block" by Surprise Sound Lab). You can get nice distorted sounds at a bedroom volume level (as well as good clean). I have a Valve Jr, too but it is too loud for practice.
  13. If you are looking for a variety of tones from one pickup, you could consider the P-Rails from Seymour. I have not heard it (and I do not like the appearance), it is supposed to give you a lot of different tones (single Strat like, P90 and humbucker).
  14. This is a wishful thinking but it would be great if somebody discovered a real Moderne tucked away in an attic / basement.
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