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  1. I reach for my '04 MIM Telecaster quite often: MIJ 85 Strat
  2. Thank you all for the kind replies. I think I am done now, have what I need. Quite a few have come and gone, 3 Epi LPs, 2 PRS SEs, 2 Epi ES339s both P90 and HB but now it feels complete. The white Supro Dual Tone is a reissue of the first guitar I ever saw, my brother's 61 which he later gave to me. Not sure what became of it after I gave it to my nephew in 1981.
  3. First "big act" I ever saw. 14 Year's old, Toronto, August 1978 opening for Boston. My five would be: Ted Nugent, Double Live Gonzo, Rush, Exit Stage Left (actually pressed my own copy when I worked at a record plant) Blue Oyster Cult, Some Enchanted Evening Led Zeppelin, How the West Was Won Kiss Alive II
  4. Double Live Gonzo is one of my favourite albums.
  5. I had a faded one in black, 2005 model. I paid $900 Canadian brand new which would be about $750USD. Got $550 Canadian for it in a trade in 2013. Mine was in pretty good shape. http://s50.photobucket.com/user/zeplin63/media/Guitars/2005GibsonLPSpecial_4.jpg.html?sort=3&o=103
  6. Ed Zeplin


    Saw them in Toronto opening for the Scorpions in 1984. The funny thing was the crowd hated DuBrow to the point where they gave him the finger for the entire show.
  7. Thank you for that. Just saw them in Toronto in early July. Amazing show. A couple of years ago my stepson went into kidney failure to the point where he needed a transplant. To provide a distraction for him and to give him something to do while he did his dialysis at home my wife bought a bunch of DVDs (this wonderful woman also donated her kidney to him), one of which was Sonic Highways. We watched it together several times and while I would have considered myself a casual FF fan prior to watching it, this documentary showed me a different side of Dave Grohl to the point where he is now one of my favourite musicians. Seeing them on the Kennedy Center where Led Zeppelin were inducted as well as the RRHOF induction of Rush enamoured me even more with those being two of my favourite bands. Happy to say that Alex, my stepson is doing well and was able to go with me to the FF show in July. The only problem is now my wife has a thing for Taylor Hawkins so I bought a drumkit.
  8. It does when you enlarge the holes on the bridge. I could have been clearer on that.
  9. You are correct, sir. Did it on a drill press with a #19 drill bit. Didn't know about the conversion kits at that time or even if they were available then.
  10. I just enlarged the holes to fit existing posts. 10 years and no issues.
  11. I don't think it is a Classic. At that time they were using greenish inlays.
  12. Gibson serial numbers at the time used the first and fifth digit for the year, in this case 2005.
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