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  1. There is a great documentary on Kansas called 'Miracles out of Nowhere'. Definitely worth the time to watch.
  2. Currently I have: Mesa/Boogie 5:25 Express, 10” speaker, original model(no EQ) Orange Micro Terror head w 8” speaker cab Marshall 30W Bass Combo, 12”speaker,solid state. The little Orange sounds surprisingly good when I plug the speaker from the Mesa in to it.
  3. Maybe with it being a full hollow body they used bushings to screw the bridge studs into. Hope it works out for you.
  4. The bridges aren’t interchangeable. The Nashville bridge studs screw into bushings that are a installed into the guitar body. The ABR1 studs screw directly into the top wood. I suspect that this is not a 60s guitar but a 70s guitar since it appears to have bushings for the studs to screw in to.
  5. Take a look at the bridge. The one in the picture you posted is wider allowing more travel for the saddles which they started using after the move to Nashville mid 70s, hence the term Nashville bridge. The one on Reverb is narrower and looks like an ABR1.
  6. That looks like a Nashville bridge which would make it 70s, no?
  7. Thats right. I had been a member since about 2003 and something happened and all the old posts were lost. There were some great people here back then. May have been a format change that contributed to that.
  8. I remember him. He had a wealth of knowledge about Epiphones. Heliman and GuildX77 are couple more names I recall from that era. They went away a while ago.
  9. Thanks so much. I had a plain gray wall for ten years and this past November we had the house painted. I didnt want to do the same old thing plus not enough studs to safely screw in to for the spacing I needed. Thought about a nice oak slab but we found an antique wood supplier about ten minutes from home and very reasonably priced, $5/sq.ft. I am eastern Ontario, east of Toronto. The barn was built in 1915. We are very happy with it. Lots of Irish coffee consumed in that room in the morning with its southern exposure. Good luck with your endeavors.
  10. That's pretty fancy. Beautiful. Maybe it's time for a covid family photo. Play it in good health.
  11. Originally we were going to put up a single board but decided to go this route.
  12. I put up a whole wall of boards with hundred year old nail holes so a few more won't matter much
  13. Ed Zeplin


    Great job. Here is my 1985 MIJ HH Strat from my hair rock days. Love this guitar
  14. I find that the flame on my 2004 standard can pop or disappear depending on the lighting and/or viewing angle. Nice one you have there
  15. That woudn't bother me in the least as long as it sounds and plays okay.
  16. Nice cleanup job. A real bargain. What was on the fretboard? Looks like it got wet.
  17. I reach for my '04 MIM Telecaster quite often: MIJ 85 Strat
  18. Thank you all for the kind replies. I think I am done now, have what I need. Quite a few have come and gone, 3 Epi LPs, 2 PRS SEs, 2 Epi ES339s both P90 and HB but now it feels complete. The white Supro Dual Tone is a reissue of the first guitar I ever saw, my brother's 61 which he later gave to me. Not sure what became of it after I gave it to my nephew in 1981.
  19. First "big act" I ever saw. 14 Year's old, Toronto, August 1978 opening for Boston. My five would be: Ted Nugent, Double Live Gonzo, Rush, Exit Stage Left (actually pressed my own copy when I worked at a record plant) Blue Oyster Cult, Some Enchanted Evening Led Zeppelin, How the West Was Won Kiss Alive II
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