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  1. Did you hear about the bass player who locked his keys in the car? Took him hours to get the drummer out.
  2. Hey there BluesKing 777 - if you know anywhere that does less than 20% i'd like to know. Not having a dig, but last time I tried to put gear on consignment most places around Melbourne were charging 25%.
  3. That's true, but in the Swoppy's case, they try and get owners to set a reasonable price based on current market values (australian), and if you make an offer they will call the owner and negotiate. It's a good system.
  4. I have had many dealings with Bryan and the Swappy for more than 20 years - highly recommend doing business with them
  5. I love my 2007, I use the middle pickup as a slightly brighter tone that the neck,so you can switch to it and stand out a touch more, without going to the bridge and getting too treble-y. I also like some of the three pickup sounds for mellow choer-melody stuff, you can get some unusual tones. There is lots of knobs to play with.....
  6. Whats the difference between a drummer and a drum machine? You only have to punch the info into a drum machine once. Did you hear about the drummer who locked his keys in the car? Took him 4 hours to get the bass player out.
  7. Some mornings its the one on the left, the others the one on the right: 95 Roy Smeck Stage Deluxe, my first quality acoustic and sounds like someone took a j45 and added a subwoofer and the more refined 12 fret Nick Lucas from 2008. Love them both, equally but differently. If I ad to choose? Nick Lucas, it's one of 6, Ren signed, so it feels a bit special to have it in my hands.
  8. I did think the asking price was too high, but maybe the last couple of thousand is because of one exceedingly rare feature - the pickguard doesn't cover hte rosette.... Anyway, its a beauty.
  9. Anyone seen one of these AJs before? No connection to the seller at all, but the walnut is interesting, like a Jackson Brown. The honey burst is a classy look too.
  10. I have always thought this was a gap in the TV range. I'd be keen for an LG-2, L-00, or a something like that. Why did they stop making the Nick Lucas as a regular model? Also, I dont think I've ever heard of a vintage NL with Maple back and sides, so why did they do it with most of the newer ones?
  11. No-one drinks Fosters.... I do have kangaroos in my backyard in suburban Melbourne
  12. Dropping $200 or so on postage one way is bad enough, but with the thought that I may have to send it back, there goes 20% of a decent guitar budget right there. And if I'm going to go that way, I'd go new, seems like fewer surprises to be had. I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with 6 or so 30s L-00s and 2 Legend series ones recently, and the 30s ones were all over the place, not good or bad, just each one different. Maybe time brings out their uniqueness. If I had a choice of all of them, a 30s one that had orignally been sold in johannesburg that looked like it had been used as
  13. Down here in Australia, 60s j45s turn up second hand rarely, and when they do, they come with a larger price tag than a new version. For me , I don't like those thin 60s necks either. WHen I got my 1 of 6 Nick Lucas signed by Ren, there was a 50s j50 on sale for around $1,500 more that looked like it was turning into a pumpkin. It also had one of those feedback blocker rubber things in the sound hole, and the owner had told the shop that it couldn't be removed - wasn't going to touch that. Some guy even had a mid 70s j45 on consignment with $3,500 on it - good grief. Thats a stack more th
  14. FWIW, the certificate for my 12 fret Nick Lucas Master Archetype Custom has a definition of archetype on it: "Ar-che-type" - 1. An original model or type after which other similar things are patterned. 2. An ideal example of a type: quintessence I don't think they've made any more of these, so I'm picking number 2, but then again, I haven't seen any originals that it might be patterned after either, with 12 frets and the squarer lower bout.
  15. Just curious, but from the bits and pieces I've picked up about guitar making most builders spray after neck setting - or is it that most of the things I come across just happen to be about Gibson?
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