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  1. sure, bk. when I get back home.
  2. Bought a 1936 L 50 at Carter's Vintage this week. I've never owned an archtop, nor even played one outside of a store before now. This one has a fairly good tone but still has some of that archtop twang. Not the sort of guitar I'm used to, but I really liked it so I bought it.
  3. Nice looking guitar. I didn't know Gibson produced 12 stringers.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I enjoy reading this forum every day, an occasionally posting. It's a good place and I appreciate you guys.
  5. Custom Fretted Instruments in Sparta TN does a lot of work on old Gibsons. What I've seen looks very good. Marty Lanham, owner of Nashville Guitar Company, has done restorative work for the Country Music Hall of Fame and many others. Again, very fine work done there. Walter Carter is a former historian for Gibson and now owns Carter Vintage Guitars in Nashville. He has an inside shop and takes in work. Ive not experienced any of their work, but I'd think they'd be up to the task. Were it my guitar, those would be the folks I'd check out.
  6. I think you're right about that.
  7. GDC

    NGD !

    As much a work of art as it is an instrument. Congratulations on a fine purchase.
  8. Love that little Elvis Costello guitar, Juan Carlos. What a beautiful instrument.
  9. Sad to see it go. Guess I'll hang on to mine.
  10. I haven't seen any new ES-137s in a while. Are they gone for good, ya think?
  11. I know they're sometimes hard to find. Corner Music in Nashville has a new one on display, if anyone is looking. I know nothing about the dealer at all. Seems a friendly enough place. Stopped in there for the first time and saw the lefty. Pretty nice selection of right handed models, too.
  12. I voted ebony - solely for tradition I suppose.
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