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  1. Hey guys, Here's a video of AC/DC doing a live gig with Bon Scott using Orange Amps not Marshall. [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  2. Yeah what everyone else said. If he is a real friend he will encourage you and help you. A real musician loves to help other musicians. Don't sweat it. Just have fun and be humble about the whole get together. I am far from the best and I know and play with an assortment of musicians and like Larry said if all else just keep a steady rythmn going on. It will be fun.
  3. I know the women from Texas are sure nice. Can't really comment much on the men, I assume they have the same southern style of courtesy.
  4. Did anybody notice the Orange Amps. Everyone associates AC/DC with Marshall or Mesa. Where is that video from I don't remember it on the Family Jewels DVD? Rewd.
  5. Oh it's all good, just when some people joke others don't always get it. I have brain farts from time to time. Being you are from Canada and I am from USA not every joke is recognized at first sight. Peace Rewd.
  6. It doesn't cost that much to increase to at least $250,000 liability. At least I won't lose my house and guitars!
  7. Is this oriented to defensive driving. That is a course everyone should have to pass. It's the other driver that will cause the accident if you are a good driver. Now factor in the fact that people are allowed to talk on cell phones while driving in most states. They are finding out that this causes more accidents than the impaired drivers. Now I am 50 yrs. old and when I started all that was required was passing a written test on the laws and a short driving sample which was a joke. If you were a farmer and were 14 yrs. old you got a special permit to drive on the road. Nowadays I see grandma
  8. Yo Tom, Those are excellent guitars. Just a tad too big for my taste but they sound most excellent. BTW what amps have you tried so far? My local guitar shop has a special sound room so you can really crank it up if you want to. Must be fun test driving the different amps out there! Rewd.
  9. That one went over my head and I have a relatively high education?
  10. I'm not 100% positive but I think all you have to do is match the pots whether short or tall posts and the rest is soldering.
  11. I am the best joke! If you can't laugh about yourself, you have no business laughing at others! Rewd.
  12. Does your pups have 4 conductor wiring? Which pups are they? (pups = pickups)
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