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  1. Hell just froze over so I bought my first Gibson, an 04 ES137 Classic, to go with my numerous PRS and a Collings City Limits Deluxe, so comparison in terms of fit n finish is pointless. That said, my ES demonstrates pretty much all of OP's issues. I bought mine sight-unseen from 12th Fret in Toronto, a great shop. I was pretty disappointed with the fit and finish to the point of returning the guitar, but a strange thing happened between sleeps...I actually started liking the ES warts and all. Despite its imperfections it plays great. So after a few days' contemplation I wrangled a discount on the price and kept the guitar (this was just last week). Yesterday I disassembled everything that had a screw and gave the guitar a massive de-grunging and cleaning/polishing and today it looks almost like the ad described! I really do like its playability too, tone is funky and versatile. So at the end of the day I got exactly what I expected: a typically shoddy modern Gibson with great playability and tone. Love it!
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