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  1. IIRC "Daves" has a couple for sale . 1 Cherry and 1 Sunburst.
  2. It looks like a nice alturnitive to shelling out for a Byrdland . But why is Gibson limiting production to 300 ? other than trying to make it a "Colletor Guitar" . The price point is good , but How should people try them . It is a USA shop made . That in it's self warrents trying before buying . I'm sure none will make it down to my part of the US , so I would have to buy online ? I'm not to sure . i don't like doing that with CS guitars . Playing is everything when doing an Eval of a guitar .
  3. Musicians Friend and Wild Wood were the only dealers to sell them . They were made only in 2010-11 IIRC . WildWood has 3-4 left but none in black .MF has a few more , but also none in black . They Rarely come on they market used . The Black 1 is the BB model
  4. From My understanding TM left Gibson sometime in 1994, so most other guitars would have to be some sort of special guitar, (I haven't heard of him signing any interier part of a guitar since he worked there). Whether is was just a regular RI or one of the Artist Sig guitars. They cost more and hold their value as time goes by. You have been given good advice . You should call Gibson with as much info as possible . They will help you if they can . I have an Aged & Signed guitar and it has nothing, anywhere on it to indicate he did the Aging. Only Gibson's web-site states that he did the
  5. Thanks M , I remembered that today . and yes it shows our age , but I'll take the knowledge I have now against what I can't remember anymore . \:D/ B)
  6. Yeah , What was the name of that TV show that He, his Dad, and his brother did ? I can't remember it for the life of me.
  7. Hi Joe, I didn't know you were made a Mod . Congrats. I haven't been logging on much these days. Sorry to here your no loner the Mod. You do know your stuff and IMO are the right guy for the job. See you around.
  8. But Not the Gold COA 50th. Anni's. they go for around 5.5-6k now. depending on condition and the top.
  9. Nope, The R0's are made with Nickel hardware originally,as Standard stock production. Gloss or VOS models. Sounds like you have a VOS that has been polished up. Or Someone changed the hardware.
  10. Congrats On your new Guitar. Sweet looking. By the COA in your picture the number of your guitar is 17. Gibson may have made 20 total. The "V1" stands for version 1. FYI - The 50th. Anni. LP's were made in 3 versions. Version 1 was made in 2 colors. Version 2 in 2 colors. And Version 3 in 1 color. I'm not sure how many of each version were made , but a total of 500 in all versions in all colors were made. Most likely there were 20 pre-production guitars made for each version in each color. Hope that gives you a little insight to your guitar. Now , go play the hell out of it !!!!!!
  11. Thanks guys, I really could not figure out how do make a multi quote responce so I just wanted to say that I did the search before and was just kidding about resizing the photos . more than anything I'm lazy. LOL!!!!!!
  12. Great Song , what about these ? Thyme to an Imaginary Western, Never in my life . I think those are great Mountain songs.
  13. I think I was gonna say "from your worst nightmare" but that wouldn't help you on what seems to be a grad school paper your doing this is a guitar forum ? yes ? Hello , Hello , testing , testing . I think I took a wrong turn at the last light LOL!!!!!
  14. You can Change your Avatar??? oh snap !!!! But really..... I've tryed to a few times after the new format was installed last year , and none of my pics are small enough, so I just gave up. It's a few of my family (which has grown some) and I still have gas, but not as much $$$$$. Thanks Gibson lol!!!!
  15. Nope, I couldn't do it. I couldn't let her go. Even with my bad back. She kept calling me. Pleading with me not to sell her. So I didn't. And now it's not even a after thought. Something about those Birds.
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