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  1. yeah that worked.. here's some more. well I guess not I keep getting this file was too big to upload messages. sigh. https://imgur.com/8WO0mjh ah here we go.. some old images anyway. https://imgur.com/fwBbbNK
  2. so I'll have to load my pics to a site then choose the url. sheesh. Ima try to find another way I never use photobucket etc. anymore. Thanks tho'. i tried attaching a file... have to post and see if it worked.
  3. I have no idea why my photobucket pic of an amp I modified shows up ... this is hilarious.
  4. trying to share pics of my epis.. choose file thing didn't do it. I'll keep trying..LOL!
  5. Hello Twang,

    I saw from some previous posts that you have made wiring harnesses for Sheratons. I was wondering if you still do that kind of work. I just bought a 96 Sheraton and would like to rewire and change pickups.



  6. Hi Twang, its been a while and I haven't heard anything from you. I just wanted to make sure you didn't forget about me.

  7. Alright, sounds good. Thanks!

  8. Gotta check my templates...

  9. MikeL I have to check and see if I have a template. Or if I can find one.

  10. Hi Twang,

    I heard that you do custom pickguards and I am hoping to install a full-face pickguard for my Epiphone SG. If you would be willing to help me out: How much would something like that cost? What kind of information about the styling do you need from me?


  11. plus one on the Imperials.. now if I could just settle on pickups or pickguard
  12. I have some speakers, 12" in 8 and 16 ohms. They are used, but perfect. Just broken in! I can make a panel on the back so you can use two 16ohms at 8ohms. I also have some epi vj cabs, and a Kustom cab I'd part with. speakers vary but all eminence. you can't run an 8 and a 16 at the same time, but with the jacks wired right, you can run two different cabs together if both spkrs are 8 or 16 ohms. I love the Eminence Wizard with a vj.. it's just HUGE and the voicing is really right.
  13. I can't believe I posted all the below.. and then pc goofed.. (ok ok human error!) but I'll see your addiction and raise you two addictions my first two and more and more they began to pile up I started losing my mind an el34 a 6v6 and more and more I'd keep posting but the nurse says it's time for my meds. Take two TOOBS, and call me in the morning.
  14. I use two epi cabs at 16 ohms.. I just made a new panel for one of them.. so it's 16ohm cab plugged into the panel.. and then 8 ohms coming out. I can make you one if you want.
  15. If you have a V2 or V3 the OT will be either 7K or 5K. 7K is the wrong size.. later changed. I have the 5K OT.. in fact a boxful of them. That helps the tube and the tone. A real upgrade to these is the Fender Style Classic Tone OT, triodeelectronics.com, which will do wonders for the amp.. But the real selling point of these is they take modification and really really get sweet. First, the voltages are often way off in the stock version. Eating up the power tube by going well past 320V max at the plate. Second, they used some 22uF caps that would be MUCH better for tone and e
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