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  1. John is my favorite guitarist. Check out his new solo album, The Empyrean, it is very good. He might be underrated as his style is more understated than many. While Flea & Anthony received the spotlight in RHCP, they suffered dramatically when John left. It will be interesting to see what they come up with now that he has left again.
  2. I believe the Metallica boys use EMGs.
  3. Manny's was taken over by Sam Ash. Its on 48th St between 6th & 7th. Also on that block is Rudy's (and they have a dedicated amp room on 7th). Other ones would be Guitar Man, Chelsea Guitars, Ludlow Street Guitars. Have fun.
  4. My guitar teacher has a custom made Tom Anderson guitar. He was able to specify the radius changes along the fretboard. Tells me it is the best guitar he's ever played. You might want to check them out.
  5. I have gone through the exact same issue on my 08 LP Studio. It was quite annoying to have this problem on such a pricey (for me) instrument. Two weeks ago, I purchased Big Bends Nut Sauce and it has effectively resolved the problem. For $10, it is worth trying.
  6. Use the Keyser on my LP. Works great, no problems.
  7. I've now accumulated 4 pedals (TC Polytune came Friday and it's great) and thinking about adding a Wah at some stage. I am using a 1 spot to power them. I would like to add a pedal board to keep them all in order. There seem to be a wide variety of styles and large price differences. Probably won't need to transport it outside (mainly play at home). Would appreciate experienced members thoughts on what's good, pros/cons, etc. Like to keep price under $75 but could stretch a little if there is worthwhile value. Thanks!
  8. Check out the Mesa Boogie Express 5:25, available in either a 1x10 or 1x12 combo. The 1x1 is about $1k and the 1x12 about $1200 or so. Its cool as you can switch between 5 watts and 25 watts. (There is also a 5:50 if you need more power.) This would be the amp I'd get if I had more room (and more cash).
  9. I have this issue on by Studio and it has been professionally set up. G string is the one that commonly goes out. Is it worth giving Big Bends a try?
  10. Just started to play about 2 years ago in my tender mid-fourties. I love music and its such a thrill to be able to poorly reproduce some great songs. I was really lucky and connected with a great teacher who shares my musical taste. My focus is mainly alternative with some metal and classic rock thrown in for good measure. Lots of Nirvana, Cure, Green Day; some Metallica, Sabbath, Rush. Finally at the stage where I can play OK and even sing one or two songs. Occasionally get together with a friend who has been playing forever. That is a lot of fun when we nail a song. There is a new music store on Long Island that has weekly blues jam and while that is not my taste, I may check it out to get more experience. Must say as a fan of Hello Kitty, I'm a bit jealous of Mojo's guitar. It screams Norwegian Death Metal. Rock on, Ms. Kitty.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will check them out.
  12. Looking to acquire a Chorus Pedal as I love that watery sound. The ones that look interesting (based on youtube vids) are MXR Micro Chorus, MXR Zak Wylde Black Label Chorus or Boss Super Chorus CH-1. I like the idea of the MXR only having one knob to adjust. Path will be LP Studio to pedal to VOX AC4TV. Would appreciate peoples thoughts on these pedals or suggestions on different ones. Thanks!
  13. Update. I found the AC4TV as return at 48th street Sam Ash on memorial day. Someone had returned it and it was missing the power cord so they sold it for only $160. It seems perfect for my needs in a NYC apartment. On the 4 watt setting it can play loud enough to annoy neighbors (don't play it that loud) and the 1/4 watt setting is great for creating distortion. The sound overall, but particularly the distortion, seems to much more organic than the Line 6 Spyder. It also seems to be a good match for my LPS (ebony with chrome hardware) as it seems to be fairly bright. In short, I can highly recommend this as nice small size, small wattage all tube practice amp. Also, off topic but my friend loaned me his American Deluxe Strat as I've been having dreams of adding such a guitar. It plays beautifully but I just can't get that tone/roar that the LP delivers. Good experience as I don't feel a need to run out and buy a Strat. Maybe an acoustic next (probably a Martin as I am a John Frusciante fan).
  14. Not clear what the problem is from your description. However, assuming you bought it new from an authorized dealer, Gibson warranty should cover a repair. You might want to call or e-mail Gibson.
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