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  1. That's me....Batman, with a Fender Musicmaster or something .....
  2. For the heck of it.... http://youtu.be/5FUzdzpJtY8
  3. I play the Jason Isbell one....here it is in my J 45std
  4. Did that later on after the camera was off ! How did you guess ?
  5. Never put a j 45 into the hands of a drunk person..
  6. http://youtu.be/wdymE-Hx2hs. The fretboard ...ghost vocals just to keep my place...
  7. Didn't use the Apogee mic or really even sing it....just a shot of the fretboard with quiet vocals to keep place in the song....
  8. Hey wait....why do I have to grow my hair ? Fifty six year olds should not have pony tails OR mullets !
  9. First....sorry about the camera work. When using the ipad camera I either wind up shootng right up my nose or(in this case) the top of my head. I used the Apogee mic into the ipad , that's it. The strings are Elixir mediums(56-13). Thanks for the compliments and encouragement, y'all are very kind.
  10. I ain't no singer(obviously) and there's some real clunkers in the vocals BUT I thought the guitar recorded nicely....right on to ipad.
  11. My buddy doing an Eagles tune....2 acoustic guitars, a cajon and GOOD harmonies. That's all ya need.
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