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  1. I use dunlops on an es-339 and a les paul. Love 'em.
  2. Thanks for all the recommendations! The more I play it, the more I'm loving the 339. I have used elixers strings in the past. But, I am growing dissasitisfied with those. I've really liked the Gibson strings that came w/ the 339. I've loved reading all the posts in here...you guys helped make my decision to go with this guitar. I'll post some pics as soon as I get a chance.
  3. Just received my new es-339 w/ 30/60 neck and Vint. Sunburst finish. This is my first Gibson and I'm very pleased. Actually, I am blown away...what an awesome guitar. I am a small guy with small hands and th 30/60 neck is the best feeling neck I have played on. I wondered if anyone had any thoughts about the strings. What do the guys on here think about Gibson strings vs others?
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