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  1. Yo, hows things with you? This blake guy and his casino... tempted to offer my dot. What do you reckon? Mines a sammick 2001. + I got my SG with P90's hmmm

  2. I have seriously just p*ssed my self laughing at what has happened! I'm sure everyone knows why and is probably doing the same, the ones that tried to help has most likely raged at whats happened, and now laughing!
  3. Things are good in the UK, finish college soon woop! Just need to look for a job now. You should treat your self to new guitar ;)

  4. Not a problem Sketchy. I ran out of characters on my last post. My late sister left five great kids who turned out really well. Hope all is well in the UK. The weather is perfect right now in California and I do believe I'll pay a visit to the Guitar Center on the Sunset Strip and do some looking (must force myself to leave the wallet at home because I WILL buy impulsively). Enjoy!

  5. Oh ****, I'm so sorry about asking you. Hope I havent upset you any way bud.

  6. To answer your question about my sister working in a rehab center...no. She is a steady customer of rehabs the last few years. Our other sister died five years ago from liver failure due to Vicodan. It was the acetaminophen that killed her, though. Vicodin numbers like 500 &750 are the acetaminophen content. Prior to that I thought Vicodin was just "dentist candy". I'm out...

  7. Your message box is full. :D

    Thanks for the crediting.

    Also, they do do a bolt on P90 les paul junior, which is not on wiki :P. I assume its the same specs as the SG jr. It does seem similar to the description when I bought my LP Jr. I dont know when they came out then stopped, but if its any help mine is a 1997.

  8. Thanks for adding me!

  9. No Gerrard or Suarez = no creativity! We will sort it out in the summer.

  10. Hows it going? Whats going on with liverpool??? beat the Mancs' 3-0 then lose to Braga! Well Sunderland tomorrow lets see how this will turn out. :D

  11. Kai, sending something out to the UK today. What is you last name?

  12. Hopefully we can Win tomorrow, guted about Mascherrano!!!

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