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  1. i thought they "weren't producing the custom" i know i'd seen it for order right after it first showed up at namm. if it's real totally cool... just wondering where the complaints about the floyd rose on the Les Paul were in the Neal Shon Custom and Epiphone Goth days.
  2. over marketing over time can kill anything... but when you get down to the song writing, alot of it is pretty solid, the unplugged show really can change how you view the music... the raucous 70's stuff is fun, i think when you get around to the trying to be of the times all the time, and market market market, the music can get lost.
  3. this doesn't sound like a gt exactly.... you have to post pics....
  4. have to say some of this reminds me of working a Nickelback show, way back in 2001... Pre lawsuit gibson lawsuit. Chad with Nickelback was using a PRS, Default their opening band and Saliva (playing between them) were 100% gibson... I was asked to cart a direct from factory to the venue for Default PRS single cutaway... After this show, i started to see Chad with Les Pauls... and honestly everyone who played a Les Paul that night had better tone...
  5. guitar center in ohio... well at least Cincinnati and Columbus i can't totally recommend. But Columbus is getting a little better. They at least will let you near the gibsons now, vs pushing fender and bc rich on everyone who walks in. Still No Selection, and none of the gibson products even epiphone that i want do they carry. they had Masterbuilt Epi's when they came out, I bought one happy with it, but if they'd had the one I went in for i'd have been happier... But they have no clue about a Melody Maker, Joan Jett Model... Or if talking epiphone anything New and exciting they don't have it... I've had to buy everything online either through their site, or musicians friend which is their sister company... if i've gotten anything via them lately. Actually the selection in columbus just blows, and cincinatti is in a dead mall... Oh best gibson story for columbus. i bought a gibson les paul case... they gave me one with all the warranty information from a standard guitar they had up on the wall... i took the stuff for that guitar back to them... but really made me uneasy about buying items there. not that they have anything... still candy store. candy store...
  6. The price is normal, if you've watched prices the past few years on Standards... The new features really don't add anything to it if you break down the differences between the 08 and now i guess Traditional/Vintage 58 or 60's style necks. would love to see photos too... beautiful sounding les paul's man. merry christmas welcome to forums..
  7. my les paul's tend to kick my tele's *** in any situation other then wanting to have that weak tang sound out of my more traditional tele... Both of which i got before my Real Les Paul... Not to say my 03 LP MM isn't one sick p-90 guitar for ones first new out of the box guitar... Most every guitar on my wish list is a Les Paul variant right now... i'd say VERY ADDICTED... and do Jack Cassidy basses equal into the Les Paul addiction? because the Les Paul Signature and it's modern recreation are pretty sick instruments in their own right from my experience...
  8. no offense to other ian's who aren't total dicks... - Ian
  9. why are other Ian's who play guitar such Dicks? - Ian... seriously freaks me out...
  10. Partly because it doesn't really matter to the sound. At least if i've been keeping up with information given on the lifestyle section in interviews etc. The Weight of the body with the weight relief does effect the sound, but its been done to recreate the tone of a type of mahogany that you can't exactly get a lot of any more. Look up the Peter Frampton interview from this year where he talked about why his custom shop model is weight relieved vs being an exact replica what records would indicate his original custom was. Headstock shape, binding things like that add to the tone etc. if you go to the store and you don't like the guitar because it's to heavy why not just look at another one? It's all about timbre....
  11. Just wondering since this guitar appears to be a striped down neal schon model, and neal was on the gibson sight talking about redoing the sg aways back, is that going to happen?
  12. A few years ago i bought the most wonderful sounding C1, no clue what year or version because of the arcane serial numberings. Still Beautiful sounding classical, with the kicker a neck that isn't warped. But The binding is loose on the body, and the nut is busted at the low e. not sure if i should take it to the local gibson authorized luther / repair shop, who did a great job on my les paul melody maker when the tuners snapped. Or if I should bite the bullet and get it into the nashville facility.
  13. what about info on any new model. and not the same bad photo on every site out there that has no info.
  14. I find the new site neat, but hard to navigate. And content updates to me have either come off as weird or really slow. and why are there so many fender shots in the news stories... I know you can get a picture of just about anyone with a gibson. even big name strat guys have been on PBS with gibson les paul jrs lately...
  15. My GT has strap locks, and I picked up the same strap locks to put on my other les paul, but the screws are different, leaving me worried i'll split the wood. Pretty much i'll only take the GT out with me live because of the strap locks.
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