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  1. Hi i'm Anna.

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  2. Try this factory setup. "Hi I'm David the final inspector at Gibson Memphis. I can give you the factory spec info. on our setups. You will need a mechanics rule to do this properly. ... Pickups: Fret low E at 22nd fret and measure pickup height from underside of string to point on pickup closest to string. Bridge pickup should be 3/64" (1.19 mm), neck pickup should be 4/32" (3.17 mm). Fret high E at 22nd fret, distance for both pickups should be 3/32" (2.38 mm)." Note: bass side of the bridge pickup is closer to the strings.
  3. Yes, Duncan Bonamassa pickups:
  4. This is a reasonable. waiting for answers Gibson and Duncan, but everything seems to be fine.
  5. Yes, but in the Studio the other pickups, Burstbucker 2/3 think. Here are SD Bonamassa pickup.
  6. I have a second hand Gibson Joe Bonamassa Standard Ltd with Duncan Bonamassa pickups. I wonder if these are the original pickups with plastic insulation and 4 wire?
  7. C3 is 101, It is okay. But 471 is C5 or C6?
  8. My improvement looks like: - R3, R15, R21 are 1K5 resistors - These are the factory values! - R8 is 10K resistor (!) - It is a factory value! - C3, C10 cut - C5 is jumper wire - yes that is a direct connection to the first two degrees of amplifications Tubes are Ei ECC83 for V1-V5, output tubes are Tungsol 5881 Platinum matched (from Banzai). The tone is now very warm and sweet, drive channel has a depth and sufficient strength.
  9. My Epi LP Standard Plus No. B0038832 built on March, 1990
  10. Chzeslokovakia maybe, Bohemia factory? Put serial number on http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx. My les Paul Standard Plus is Bohemia product, year 1990.
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