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  1. Yes Thanks for remembering ‘Burst. moved to France now and culled the herd substantially so NCD at the moment. if I found one in a Paris I’d be there but not keen on paying transport costs and exchange rates but I do appreciate your message thanks and all best
  2. Thanks Dave The strap and book are long gone I have three but no folder with any of them Cheers
  3. Was there a folder housing the certificate? I’m told so but none of mine have it Thanks
  4. Quoting from a Facebook post “We talked to his ex-wife Prema on Saturday night, she said that it was quick with no trauma and then when she gave him a kiss goodbye he had a calm look on his face...” RIP Wily
  5. Was checking though sone old pics and found photos of TWilson and AlbertJohn, both “old timers” , both playing with the angels It does bring it all home A few of us hang out on Facebook in a group called “Guitarnutz” started by Old Fred Maybe we will see you there
  6. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  7. Man The likes of you and me must soldier on I just messaged Mooseguy, now 94, to tell him about Wily Let’s take Moose as our role model Best to you
  8. Guys I’m sorry to tell you that Robert died on Tuesday of a heart attack Only just heard the devastating news Known him as many of you have for heaven knows how many years Picking in heaven Wiley With love John xx
  9. No I don’t think so Will check but it’s in store at moment John
  10. Thanks Cougar Yes I know I should keep them both Trying to do that Cheers for info John
  11. Guys I’ve been debating whether to sell my 06 SJ200 Koa or the 94 Centennial SB I think the Koa has to stay , especially as I have a Centennial 34 Jumbo to go as well( make a nice matched pair with the J200) Can anyone please advise the spec of the J200? The docs say J200 VS but what are the woods etc Thanks in advance John
  12. A contact is Looking for a C165 rosewood vine Anyone have one please? Thanks John
  13. Mate, thank you for your insight. Fascinating. When I can get to my guitars I will take a look at the J200. Yea it’s a shame about the forum it has helped me , as you have yourself, many times since I joined. You told me all about my J200 12 string, which I have just sold ( bloody arthritis!) The “greener pastures” are often littered with rubbish and dogs sh1t in my opinion. The Facebook pages are full of people playing “my take” on classic songs rather than talking about the guitars . Typical example is “Gibson Acoustic Guitars” I’ve quit the 12 string group as I git so sick of a certain player plying his stuff So like others I lurk here from time to time and know that if I have a question, then this is the place for it. So returning from my mini rant......thank you Hogeye😂
  14. Interesting I will take a look Wonder if my Centennial SB J200 is sprayed too Both guitars are inaccessible for s few days but I will check Wonder what purpose was?
  15. Thank you mate I hadn’t really noticed the bridge. I’ve just packed most of the guitars away as we are moving so I’m not sure what # I have I will take a look later They certainly make a fine playing guitar. Do you have the pickguard fixed? Mines off
  16. Guys I bought one of these from “gay Parie” a couple of years ago.Sitka top , Rosewood elsewhere , detachable pick guard. My question is simple...is this basically same size as a J 45 ? I have J45 but it’s Norlin and doesn’t tell me much Cheers
  17. What a great and lovely thing to do Buc All best to you and yours
  18. Least of all evils But then again my J200 KOA is revolutionary for me 😂😂
  19. Nice So we have the aforementioned Snot Green. (Olive) Neo- Pee Green Entrails Pink Tourniquet Blue And WTF is that Burst. Is that what an exploded Lizard is meant to look like I was always told that guitar makers used the best grain for natural finish so some of these must be made of cardboard Just my crappy opinion I’m sure some love these finishes Need to book with “Specsavers” Anyone selling a KK SJ?
  20. On my monthly trawl around the inter web thingy for a Kristofferen SJ Ended up on the Wildwood site and saw these J45 in snot green What the hell is going on? 😩
  21. You’ve got agreat pack That J45 is to die for I’ve a new resolution Going to buy a 1950 J45/50 Year of my birth Mimic Nick and his 52 Goldtop 😂
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