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  1. That's a beautiful top on that one.
  2. Thanks, they'd be absolutely perfect if they had a 50's neck, 57 Classic/57 Classic Plus, or 490R/498T pickups and a more conveniently located pickup toggle switch. As for the rootbeer finish, one of my absolute favorite finishes on a Les Paul, right up ther with Alpine white. If only I could get a Les Paul Traditional Plus with a rootbeer finish.
  3. I really like my DC Pros, but am still partial to my Custom and Traditional Plus because of the 50s rounded profile neck. What I can say of my DC Pros is that they are nice lightweight guitars that are well balanced and have great upper fret access. One of my DC Pros has Duncan pickups and the other has the stock Burstbucker Pro pickups. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the Burstbucker Pros and would rather a set of 57 Classic/57 Classic Plus in their place, but I'm leaving that guitar stock. For the most part, the DC Pros capture the LP tone in what some call a more playable package due to the easier upper fret access afforded by the nature of the double cutaway design. The only 'real' gripe I have with my DC Pros is the placement of the pickup toggle switch. Other than that, great guitars.
  4. My shiny new Desert Burst Traditional Plus
  5. My Alpine White Custom with a little personal touch...and a twin to be had in short order.
  6. I have a pair of DC Pros that are great guitars and I too wish they weren't tanked, but that's not saying there aren't some things I think would have improved that model, specifically a 50's profile neck, an ebont fretboard and different pickups, perhaps 490R/498T or 57 Classic/57 Classic Plus and some neck binding.
  7. I agree with the assessment above about the Les Paul Ultima. The quilted top is freakin sweet, but the flame inlay just seems to overdue it. No offense, but I think the guitar would be more aesthetically pleasing with split block inlays a-la Les Paul Supreme.
  8. I've gotta sign on with the Les Paul Custom devotees. I have an Alpine White Custom that I just recently got and LOVE. Everything about that guitar screams rock and roll...especially the 490/498 pickup pairing. I think those beat the hell out of the Burstbucker Pros that are in the current Standards and also in one of my DC Pros.
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