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  1. Thanks for your reply. I'm familiar with Gruhn in Nashville, but just recently I took my L-5 to another local guitar repairman. He said the main problem was that the frets were worn. They didn't look worn, but he said the frets were no longer "crowned." Anyway, he watched me play for while, and then kept the guitar for about three weeks. He re-crowned the frets, and made various adjustments to fit my (jazz) playing style, i.e., lower string height, intonation, etc. When I got it back, it was an entirely different guitar. I had been unhappy with it and was about to get rid of it (sell or trade in), when all it really needed was an expert repairman who actually knew how to set it up for me. It plays beautifully, and I'm much, much happier. Hope this helps!
  2. I have an L-5 CES, built in 1998. I use Gibson L-5 medium gauge strings (12 - 56), which I change frequently. The guitar always sounds flat and dull to me, and loses (acoustic) volume up the higher frets. It seems that instead of the beautiful sounds I hear from other L-5's (on You Tube, etc.), I get dull flat sounds, even with fresh strings. I have had a luthier look at it. He did a "set up," and said it was O.K. I use a Peterson strobe tuner for tuning and the intonation, but the guitar just doesn't sound or play "right." I've had it for 7 years, and have just dealt with it. I'm an amateur, and play only as a hobby. But as I get better, the sound (or lack of it) bothers me more and more. I also have an ES-347 TD, which I've had for 27 years, and it still sounds great. So my L-5 has been a disappointment. Hopefully, some members of this forum can offer some information and ideas about what my L-5 might need to play like the beautiful instrument it should be.
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