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  1. I used to work in film & television so I have met a lot of people. The good ones were Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera of Hanna Barbera Cartoons (Too much fun). Along with DickVan Dyke (Great Person) , Tom Sito the head animator for Roger Rabbit (A fun nutcase), Morgan Fairchild (Beautiful), Tippi Hedren (The Birds), Raymond Burr,& others. Most all were nice except two that I can think of. Chuck Jones (A jerk) and Susan Pleshette (a foul mouth self centered Bit""ch.
  2. Beyonce is nothing but a poser, and has the talent of a bread crumb!
  3. I do pay attention, that's why I've never been the cause of an accident, which is I'm sure more than you can say! Dude!
  4. Not even close! There isn't a day goes by that I don't have a woman rushing around in front of me, slamming on her brakes and turning without a signal, weaving in front of me or on my rear bumper with a cell phone glued to her ear and the list goes on.
  5. The doctor should have slapped her mother when GaGa was born!
  6. I've been editing documentaries, and TV shows only with Mac computers, for years. I wouldn't consider anything else. Each PC laptop that ever bought only lasted about a year then crapped out . Mac computers are a reliable work horse that you can count on to get the job done! Power speed and reliability are what I need when editing and Mac delivers it!
  7. Very well put! Which would give you a better feeling of pride? People asking how a computer program did something for you, or people asking how you did something? As far as film, special effects only make up for the lack of talent on the directors part!
  8. One of my favorite movies with Peter Falk was the Great Race. It stared Peter Falk, Jack Lemon, Tony Curtice and a host of character actors and actresses. Jack Lemon and his henchman Peter Falk were the evil villains of the movie always wearing black and Max (Peter Falk) was always screwing up and causing grief with Jack Lemon. Below are several clips from The Great Race with Peter Falk. http://www.youtube.c...e&v=4At3K-5opZk
  9. Wow, Marty Robbins! The first concert I ever saw was Marty Robbins when I was fifteen years old. Then I discovered rock music and faded that direction. But I remember the facility which was the Broad-moor in Colorado Springs, Co. had trouble with the sound system and were going to send everybody home. It was then that Marty Robbins came out on stage and announced that he had his acoustic guitar with him and who ever wanted to stay he would play for. He picked up the guitar and started playing and entertaining and joking with everyone in the audience. That man could sing loud with or without a guitar or sound system and entertain. That made a big impression on me. No amount of effects, backup, or lack of a sound system can upstage a musician with true talent. I don't think a single person left because............... The show must go on and did!
  10. So this guy is driving his car down the highway doing about 80 mph. Suddenly two flashing lights come up from behind him so he guns it up to 90 mph. The flashing lights are still on him so he takes it up to 100 mph, then 110 mph. It's no use he says to himself, he caught me. So the man pulls over and waits. The Cop comes walking up to the car rubbing his forehead and shaking his head. The Cop now says to the man .....Look.... it's been a long day and I really don't feel like dealing with this today. So if you can tell me an excuse that I have never heard before of why you were speeding down the highway, I'll tear up the ticket and you can go on your way! Well.....the man replied! It just so happens that two weeks ago my wife left town and ran away with a Cop who looks exactly like you! And as God as my witness.......... I thought you were that same Cop trying to bring her back to me!
  11. Your watching Glee!!!!! This is a cry for help! Please! Somebody put some real music on this thread and we will start helping him get away from these suicidal tendencies! No one mention the names Mariah Carie or Madonna or he's a goner! O the agony, I said those names! Arrrrg!
  12. I have never watched it and have no desire to. Except I had to direct a knock off show copying A I for a local TV station in Denver a few years ago. What a big joke! They had several heads of no talent agencies as judges. They thought they hit the big time and were so into themselves it was sickening! I'll complement real musicians who can play an instrument and sing over a bunch of posers any day!
  13. I noticed this on a GC ad that was sent to me. The DigiTech Vocalist LIVE 5 voice processor. So I searched it and found that it is suppose to give your voice harmonies of your voice while singing according to what chord you are playing on your guitar. At first I thought this might be pretty cool so at least I am able to double my voice while singing alone. I would only want it to activate when I wanted it for some back up voicing while singing alone. Then I noticed different demos of people using it. They never shut it off and it sounds pretty cheesy. Is this just another Mr. Microphone for all the American Idol clones or is it worth $500? Anyone ever use one? The link is below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZT6QWkttJI
  14. That depends rather you got a good price on it or not. Did you contact the seller and disclose what you found.
  15. I looked all around before I got this one and couldn't find the type of pickup that you are talking about. If I would have been smart I would have paid a lot more and just got a good brand with a pickup built in. But I wasn't even sure I would like playing one. I was thinking a Spanish Flamenco style or classical style of picking and strumming. As far as finger picks I had a steel guitar when I was a kid. So using them might not be so bad. I was trying bar chords on it and that is hard to do. Do you pretty much use open chords on your 12 string?
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