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  1. Hi,Good Day;

    My name is Miss.Mary Dickson, I saw your profile to day at (forum.gibson.com) and was moved and become interested in you, I will like you to send me an email to my address (marydickson100@yahoo.in) so that i can give you my pictures for you to know whom i am.

    I believed we can move from here? Remember colour or distance does not matter but LOVE matters allot i...

  2. I was looking at that too. It may be just the angle of the photo.
  3. Wow, that was a lot of jam! Congrats on the new Vox, got one and love it also!
  4. I own a Gibson J160e Lennon Peace model and it's time to replace the strings. Though I am uncertain what the correct string gauge currently is. My guess is Masterbuilt 12's, though when I contacted Gibson Customer Service they assured me it should be Brite-Wires in 11. I cannot locate the Customer Service phone number I had for Bozeman where this model comes out of so I am deferring to the next best thing. I appreciate your assistance.
  5. I also prefer Heritage Cherry, sorry to learn I am not speaking with Mr. Page!
  6. I feel your pain, constantly searching for the "one". Be strong my friend, resist the temptation of the mext best thing.
  7. Technically it is a finger rest, not a pick guard. It just happens to protect the body also. I personally don't think a Les Paul looks right without it. Bobby Lee makes a good screwless version.
  8. I never cared for Van Halen much, though I did like some of it. But really, whatever! Let him make money anyway he can. To stoop to that level he obviously needs it BAD!
  9. Rickenbacker 330/6 Peavey EVH Wolfgang I miss them both dearly.........
  10. The Beatles are alright I guess ............... ok, who am i kidding my "Beatles freak flag" is constantly flying.
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