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  1. I love the intro solo right before they play "God Gave Rock n Roll 2 You" in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey! Awesome!
  2. I put a Bigsby on my Standard a few weeks ago, and it looks cool, but that's it. You can't use the thing with a tune-o-matic bridge, because it stays out of tune once you use it. Maybe with some Nut Sauce or a roller bridge.....
  3. John Paul Jones in Chicago, in '99. Got to meet him, autograph, great seats, and good pictures. One of the best days of my life, actually. Everything went well that day! How often does that happen?
  4. What type of pickups did you put in? The other guitarist in my band has a Hamer with EMG's, and I hate it. It just has this generic, thick distortion. There's no tone in there, it's just noise. We play quite a bit of metal, but the active pickups I've heard have made every guitar sound the same. He also uses a couple solid state amps, (which I also hate) and has to roll the volume down a little bit when he puts on the Hamer. It's definitely louder than his other guitar. Hope that helps. Have you heard the Seymour Duncan Blackouts yet? I'm curious what they sound like compared to an EMG. I've really started liking SD pickups in the last few years, even though I don't use them.
  5. I was a little concerned about that too, before I put the Bigsby on. Rest assured, everything will be fine. If it is too snug, you can rotate the Bigsby arm down.
  6. Steve Vai. Can't listen to him for very long, though.
  7. Divan du Monde nightclub in Paris. They really hate Americans there. And this was pre-9/11.
  8. Back to your concerns, though: the only one I would cross off the list immediately would be the Blues Jr. It gets tinny and shrill over time (the 3 that I've been around) and build quality is suspect unless it's an old American made model. Go with a Pro Jr. if you have to have a Fender. That Marshall sure looks nice, though, and I firmly believe that good amps are built in only the US and the UK. I Unfortunately, all these amps will be too loud in an apartment if you try to naturally overdrive them. Good luck, it's always fun searching for the best amp for your situation!
  9. Please, please, please consider a Gibson GA-5. You can find them used for around $300-$400, and it's the sweetest small tube amp you can own. Do yourself a favor and Google it--check out the TDPRI forums on the mods available and the tones you can get. I love mine like no other amp!!
  10. This vid is blocked in the USA. Unfortunately.
  11. Yes, you do need a better amp. But if you're like me, once you've set your mind on something, you've gotta do it. And yes, the pups in there are good ones already. If you like the tone you get with new pickups, get the new pickups. Borrow another amp.
  12. You should seriously consider the Antiquity or Seth Lover Seymour Duncans. The only difference is the Antiquities are artificially aged. Very nice pups.
  13. I swapped out the plastic rings for gold--might as well add MORE weight to a LP! I don't anticipate using the Bigsby that much, but I sure love the way they look. We'll see.
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